Sept. 14 – COVID-19 Update

Millikin Cases Drop as a New Week Opens

Athena Pajer

By Thursday of last week, Millikin was reporting 25 active cases and 97 were in contact-traced quarantine. Now, there are 10 active cases. 3 are in on-campus quarantine and 7 are in off-campus quarantine.

Much of the drop has to do with the recovery of many individuals. According to Millikin’s website, 26 are now in recovery compared to 11 reported on Thursday, meaning more people recovered over this weekend than in all the time that school has been in session.

40 individuals are being contact-traced, meaning over 50 people were released from quarantine over the weekend.

Millikin is still reporting 36 total cases, meaning no new cases have been reported, as of today’s update.

This number is expected to rise as student-athletes began getting tested last week, according to a video released by Vice President Raphaella Prange on Sept. 3.