The Decaturian

“The Meg” Swims Below Expectations

Rebekah Icenesse

November 11, 2018

Have you ever been disappointed in a movie that you thought was going to be really good? Most people have, at one point, gotten their hopes up over watching a movie that seemed like it was going to be fantastic. It sadly is a ...

Creative Corner

Aaron Pellican

November 10, 2018

The world is so small, but in our reality, it’s all we know.   If the stars could talk, they’d tell us not to worry so much.   To certain minds, math and science is only good for stress and such.   Classr...

Millikin’s Creative Corner

Aaron Pellican

November 1, 2018

My mind is jumbled.   Often times I feel trapped by my surroundings. Concrete jungles form concrete barriers, combatting with my ambitions.   As I close my eyes I begin to see the beauty of nature as I perceive it. ...

Creature Spotlight

Chris Diver

October 24, 2018

Shadow government, globalists, New World Order, Illuminati, or whatever you call them, there is a group that is believed to run the world behind the scenes. A group of mysterious people control our world’s resources, techno...

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