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Rex Orange County

Kaela Adams

Alexander O’Connor, most commonly known as Rex Orange County, is an English singer, songwriter, and recording artist. O’Connor was born on May 4th, 1998 and is currently twenty-one years old.

He is known for producing in the indie pop, alternative hip hop, and soul music genres. His music is very laid back and fulfilling, and most would say it’s energizing to the soul. He is an extremely talented artist, and he contributes a lot to the music industry.

O’Connor is a drummer, guitarist, and a self-taught pianist. He was part of the school choir from a very young age, and at 16 he was able to play multiple instruments. Along with playing all these instruments and working on his voice, he used Logic software to create his own music.

He grew up listening to a lot of soulful artists like Stevie Wonder and Green Day who greatly contributed to his artistic style.

At age 16, O’Connor attended BRIT School. BRIT is a British performing arts and technology school located in London, England. O’Connor was one of four drummers in his year, and he was offered a lot of opportunities that allowed him to grow as a musician.

O’Connor has two albums out currently. His first album, “Bcos U Will Never B Free,” was released in Nov. 2016. This was a big step for O’Connor. The album includes songs like “A Song About Being Sad” and “Rex.”

His next album, “Apricot Princess,” was released in late April 2017. It hit second on the Billboard and eighth on the Independent Album Charts. This album includes songs like “Never Enough” and “Untitled.” The album was actually inspired by his girlfriend, Thea, who he calls by the nickname Apricot Princess.

Aside from his albums, O’Connor has come out with a good amount of singles. He is most popular for his song “Loving is Easy,” on which he collaborated with Benny Sings. This song is an absolute bop and is known by most people around the world. “Loving is Easy” hit over one hundred twenty five million streams and is certified Gold in the US and Australia.

O’Connor was also featured on Tyler, The Creator’s album in 2017. This was a big thing for O’Connor, especially because Tyler is such a well known rapper and producer.

O’Connor is actually coming out with another album on Oct. 25th this year. Be sure to be on the lookout for it. His new album, “Pony,” was written and recorded almost all by himself. The album will feature ten songs, including one of his most popular recent singles, “10/10.”

“10/10” has been a big hit that has caught a lot of attention. The song is about living through the pain of life. It’s a song that most people can relate to and find pleasing to listen to. The music video for this song can be found on YouTube along with the music videos for “Loving is Easy” and “Sunflower.”

Following his third album release, O’Connor will be going on tour for 2019-2020 starting in November. Tickets and tour dates can be found on his website. The tour starts in the UK and starts traveling to the US in early January.

O’Connor is an exceptionally talented artist that has done a lot for the music industry. He is very dedicated and has a lot of cool things coming up.

Be sure to check out Rex Orange County on all major platforms, and look for his tour dates, which can be found online. His music is very appealing to all music types and allows you to appreciate music more than you have before. You won’t be disappointed.