Creative Corner


The world is so small,

but in our reality,

it’s all we know.  

If the stars could talk, they’d tell us not to worry so much.  

To certain minds, math and science is only good for stress and such.  

Classrooms tame our energetic spirits, rather than nurture our creative flow.  


Why are we taught to out run the next man?

When the next man isn’t me.

and it hurts they would see me as something I can’t and wouldn’t want to be.   

We are all unique and its blind to assume

that all of these qualities are bound to one room.  

Our minds are endless, and our hearts are too.

If we freed both, we could connect them too.

And survey the galaxies with wonder in our eyes,

Realizing what’s been here the entire time.  

When I worry, I look up and find,

every star is unique, but still every one shines.  

See the word is small and how can’t you see?

But my world is way bigger than an earth.

That holds me down.