Millikin’s Creative Corner

My mind is jumbled.  

Often times I feel trapped by my surroundings.

Concrete jungles form concrete barriers, combatting with my ambitions.  

As I close my eyes I begin to see the beauty of nature as I perceive it.

The ocean of trees reveals itself.

The waterfall pours into the crystal clear stream, each drop slowly cleansing the mind as it falls into the water.

I look up and see the entire universe open itself to me.

Past the sky, and beyond the galaxy.  This is where my limits lie.

Limitless perhaps.  

Suddenly the barriers which once held my mind captive are gone.

A sense of energy and freedom over takes my being.

My ambitions return and the path is enlightened.

As my eyes open, the feeling remains and I realize,

Freedom is a state of complete being.

My mind is jumbled no more.

My mind is freedom.

I am free.