Top Seven Halloween Horror Movie Ranking

Monsters, slashers, and killers, oh my! It’s that time of year again where the scary monsters come out from the darkness and the horror movies play on tv. The holiday of thrills, chills, and scares is finally here, and we can get to the gritty and gory of Halloween. One of the best things about Halloween, besides the candy of course, is the Halloween movies that still give you goosebumps to this day. Here is a ranking of the top seven classic Halloween movies that you should always watch this holiday.

           To not spoil the countdown, we’re going to start with number seven: Psycho. Psycho is the most classic horror movie ever made and was one of the first movies to push the boundaries of horror making. Alfred Hitchcock made this movie into a cinematic classic that paved the way to good horror movies. Norman Bates is the ultimate killer, and the twist ending makes this film one of the best horror movies ever made. You can’t beat a classic.

           Number six goes to Nightmare on Elm Street. This film first premiered in 1984 and is the youngest horror film on this list. Wes Craven created a franchise that is truly one of a kind in a serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams. While this movie may seem cliché now, back in 1984, it was one terrifying movie, and people were afraid to fall asleep for days after watching it.

           Number five is Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees is a name you can never forget. If you want to see some violence and gore, this film is a good one to see. One of the top slasher films, Friday the 13th will have you not wanting to visit Camp Crystal Lake, or any camp for that matter. If you see a guy wearing a hockey mask and a holding a machete, run as fast you can in the opposite direction.

           The Evil Dead takes the number four spot. This cult classic is about demons and zombies who terrorize a group of teens at a remote cabin in the woods. Granted, some of these zombies are the actual teens who get killed. This film garnered an NC-17 rating when it first came out in 1981, so it is bound to scare the pants off you and make you squirm in your seat. If you would like to watch the 2013 remake, which is just as gory and squeamish as this one is, then that is a good option too. After watching this, you won’t be opening up any sketchy books again that say to not read it.

           In the number three spot is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film is one of the earliest on the list and came out before the slasher and serial killer horror movies really started becoming prominent in the culture. This film is based on some true events, which is what makes it even more scary. Who wouldn’t be scared of a chainsaw wielding Leatherface and his cannibalistic family who are complete psychopaths?

           Number two has to go to Halloween. John Carpenter created this film that would take the world by storm and influence the horror movie genre to grow to new heights. Michael Myers is a creepy and terrifying killer who stalks babysitters and kills anyone who gets in his way. This film also shot Jamie Lee Curtis, the ultimate scream queen, into stardom. The theme song will give you chills, and the anticipation of not knowing what’s going to happen next makes this movie one of the scariest of its time. You cannot watch scary Halloween movies without watching this one.

           And finally, the top number one spot goes to The Exorcist. The first horror film to ever be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar award, The Exorcist is still considered the scariest movie ever made. Young Regan gets possessed by a demon after playing with an Ouija board and must be exercised by two priests. The projectile vomit of pea soup, the walking down the stairs backwards scene, and the demon that shows within the young girl are terrifying and still get you even if you watch it today. Watch this movie with some lights on and make sure you say your prayers before you go to sleep.

           These are only a few of the many horror movies that are perfect to watch for Halloween. Have a happy Halloween, and don’t get too scared when watching these classics.