Caleb’s Weekly Playlist

Relaxing and Positive Vibes


     Last week’s playlist was absolutely bopping, but this week’s is going to take the campus by storm. With funky grooves, catchy lyrics, and some laid back vibes, this week’s playlist is destined for greatness and tons of jamming out. Featuring more recent releases, this playlist is bound to be relatable in the sense of feel good vibes and providing the urge of just wanting to dance instead of attending class. Let these positive and relaxing vibes carry out the day and hopefully to class.

  1. “GotItBad” – St. Paul & The Broken Bones: These guys just get better and better and funkier and funkier. With the release of their new record, The Broken Bones’ ability to take control of the listener is astonishing and every tune seems to be hypnotic. This funky bop will latch onto the listener instantly and dancing becomes evident. The swaying of the hips will be deemed radical with every new verse and Paul’s vocals leave the listener in awe from the beautiful and graceful lyrics being sung. “GotItBad” offers contagious grooves and that crisp, original funk sound from The Broken Bones.
  2. “Bambi” – Hippo Campus: This up and coming, young indie rock group knows exactly what they’re doing and boy, do they rock at it. “Bambi” is just a slight taste for what’s to come on their sophomore record. Hippo Campus seems to be returning with similar vibes from their previous album, but will continue their relaxed, feel good, and just plain good feels for “Bambi.” Along with two other singles, listeners have begun finding themselves trapped inside this wall of creative beats and lyrics that speak thousands of words even though a few are sung. Deeper and personal meanings have proven a strength for this group along with their overall musicianship and sound in general. Head bobs and slight shoulder sways will occur for the listener and the singing of the chorus will become inevitable as these light and elegant auras find their way inside the mind.
  3. “Fever Pitch” – Rainbow Kitten Surprise: First thing first, what a name! Come on, Rainbow Kitten Surprise could possibly be one of the best band names ever thought of and executed; the key word being executed. “Fever Pitch” showcases not only the band’s terrific name, but their insanely awesome sound as well. The catchy lyrics slip out of the vocalist’s lips and leak into the surrounding speakers. Rainbow Kitten Surprise (that name never gets old) has stormed onto the indie rock scene with their odd yet so catchy lyrics and a great sound that accommodates most listener’s music tendencies. Expect to get hooked on these guys.
  4. “Flashed Junk Mind” – Milky Chance: “Flashed Junk Mind” gives the listener a good steady beat to sway the shoulders and bob the head back and forth. With a groovy feel, the lyrics roll off the tongue and fade into the atmosphere around the listener. Milky Chance creates a beautiful environment and allows their listeners to truly feel and be with the music.
  5. “Salt” – Bad Suns: This tune knows how to rock. Bad Suns keeps those good, grooving vibes going. “Salt” offers appealing lyricism and rocking grooves that attract the listener early on and keeps their focus throughout the tune. This bop sneaks up on the listener and shows them how to have a good time. Dancing is a must when jamming out to this hit.
  6. “What You Know” – Two Door Cinema Club: Let’s pick things up a bit, “What You Know” instantly gains the listener’s attention with it’s vibing intro and incredibly catchy chorus that becomes implemented into the brain. Two Door Cinema Club brings a euphoric experience to the listener with a steady beat and electric guitar riffs that will melt the soul.
  7. “Jackie and Wilson” – Hozier: These good rocking vibes just don’t stop and that’s kind of the point. Hozier brings his A-game with the powerful and forever grooving “Jackie and Wilson.” This madly ravishing bop has the listener jamming out right from the get-go and never lets them stop. The tune becomes addicting with every chorus sung and finds itself repeating for some odd reason. During the bridge, that slight groove is not lost and is kept in the vibing bass line. Hozier continues to amaze and will have some of the best vocals out there. Be ready to have this hit stuck in the brain for quite some time.
  8. “San Francisco” – The Mowgli’s: Ahh, the hit that led them to success. “San Francisco” continues to be one of The Mowglis’ best hits due to the infectious melody and the overall feeling of happiness. The good vibes are quite noticeable and start to bust out from the speakers. This tune will always be on the conscious and controls the listener in unthinkable ways. The amount of movement becomes insane throughout the song. One definitely starts to feel the love and if they don’t just wait until the repeat button is mysteriously pressed for a second time.
  9. “So Tied Up” – Cold War Kids feat. Bishop Briggs: The Cold War Kids and Bishop Briggs bring the listener this potent smash hit that overpowers the speakers. The listener will be found singing and dancing by the end of the first chorus with the tune’s well-written lyrics and contagious beat. The tune never loses that rocking feel and ends up taking control of the listener’s every move. “So Tied Up” finds its way into the listener’s heart and soul and floods it with good vibes and grooviness.