Caleb’s Weekly Playlist

Rewind Edition


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Caleb Kelch

For the past few weeks, the campus has found itself listening to funky grooves, popalicious vibes, and rocking feels, but for this week, let’s rewind to the ‘80s and ‘90s. Hip hop and good old rap, as well as an absolute classic pop hit by the King of Pop, influenced the focus. This playlist is bound to capture the hearts of both students and professors on campus with its retro list of tunes that will force the inner child to come out and dance.

  1. “Going Back To Cali” – LL Cool J: These vibes desperately make one have the urge to go to California so they can jam to this tune. LL Cool J tears up the speakers and  will have listeners singing and grooving for days. With lyrics of rhyme, cleverness, and just plain awesome, “Going Back To Cali” easily becomes one of the listeners go-to hits when having the need to dance and jam. The beat seems to ignite the body and asks the listener to sing and dance along. LL Cool J’s slick rhymes and wonderful phrasing add an extra edge to the tune that makes one’s taste buds water. Beware: Seeing beaches and peaches may occur after having listened to the song.
  2. “Poison” – Bell Biv Devoe: Right from the get go, Bell Biv Devoe starts this groovy jam and captures the listener’s attention and even their hearts. With romantically taunting lyrics and smooth vocals, “Poison” becomes infectious and wondrous to the listener. The chorus fills the surrounding speakers, leaks into the listener’s ears, journeys around the room. The former smash hit still has the ability to control the listener and swoon the hearts of all.
  3. “Now That We Found Love” – Heavy D & The Boyz: This playlist gets better and better with this classic bop by the late great Heavy D and his boyz. With incredibly catchy, quick verses and a chorus that everyone has to dance to, this hip hop hit will have every listener up on their feet in no time. “Now That We Found Love” quickly shows up to the scene and makes a killer appearance with groovy vibes and a horn line that never gets old. Expect to fall in love with this tune and don’t wonder or worry about how the repeat button isn’t turning off.
  4. “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” – Michael Jackson: Yes, it’s the King of Pop, making his first appearance on the weekly playlist, and don’t expect it to be his last. “P.Y.T.” is this beautiful and extremely funky bop that gets better with every listen. MJ’s vocals are as good as ever in this smash hit and continue to woo the hearts of everyone with his delicious and pure voice that would probably taste like chocolate. The listener becomes caught up in Michael’s voice and lost in the lyrics and may never be able to fully recover from this genius chart topper.
  5. “Doo Wop (That Thing)” – Ms. Lauryn Hill: Let’s twist the rhythm of the playlist just a tad, but still make the hearts of listeners sigh and fall in love with Ms. Lauryn Hill again. This rewind edition of the playlist is  meant to tug at the strings of the hearts of listeners everywhere. “Doo Wop” knows how to attract the listener and urge them to dance to the catchy repetitive beat and quite possibly one of the best choruses ever written. By the end of the tune, the listener has the whole song down pat and can chime in with the forever incredibly talented, Ms. Lauryn Hill. This chill generator was an absolute must for the playlist and one of many tunes that should be played on the radio for eternity.
  6. “Hey Ya! – Radio Mix / Club Mix” – OutKast: Hold on, throwback to the entire student body’s childhood with this early 2000’s smash that was played literally anywhere anyone went. From grocery stores to department stores, this delightful and loving tune provides the funkiest groove and some of the catchiest lyrics of all time. “Hey Ya!” ignites the dancer from everyone’s soul and will always have the ability to make them groove all day long. OutKast continued their tear of the pop genre and radio play with this vibing chart topper.
  7. “Push It” – Salt-N-Pepa: That’s right, how can there be a throwback playlist and no “Push It” on it; well, it wouldn’t be a retro playlist then, would it? Salt-N-Pepa know how to groove, and they definitely pushed the bar higher with this hippity jam that skyrocketed through the pop charts. Expect to be singing and dancing to this tune for days.
  8. “Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch: Remember when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark? For the students on campus, they most definitely do not, because they weren’t even born yet, but that’s okay. He can still be Marky Mark to any generation as long as this tune continues to be played for years and years. With one of the funkiest grooves from a hip hop tune ever, The Funky Bunch bring the happy vibes to light and provides a smile for every listener out there. Oh, Marky Mark, the fans miss you.
  9. “Let Me Clear My Throat – Old School Reunion Remix” – DJ Kool: Another absolute yes, this tune had to be put on the playlist, and what better than closing with it? DJ Kool brings the flavor and asks Biz Markie to help him clear his throat and get every listener to jump. This club hit will never get old and can be somewhat hilarious at times when listening to the lyrics, but is also treated as a beautiful tribute to the late Tupac. This tune will never not be loads of fun to dance to.