Pipe Dreams 24 Hour Play Festival


Geoff Diver, Rebekah Icenesse

On Sat. Feb. 10, Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre put on a production that combined comedy, love, and sadness all into one incredible hour long show. The show contained six short skits that were written, practiced, directed and performed by Millikin Students all within 24 hours.

“The All Night Play Festival” started the show off with a story called “Teenage Angst,” written by Rachel McCrea, directed by Jeremy Lindermann and starring Jamie Tucker and Hannah Deaton. The story followed two moms and their son who had locked himself in the bathroom after school. The moms contemplated whether they are raising their son correctly and discussed how to get him out of the bathroom.  

The next piece shown, “Over the Ledge,” was written by Marielle Tepe, directed by Ike Brown and starred Devon Johnson and Chris Cunningham. “Over the Ledge” touched audience members hearts as it depicted a man who appeared to be preparing to end his life by jumping off a bridge. A jogger passing by then saves the man and talks him down from the ledge. The story ends with a twist, as the man was not trying to commit suicide, he was just trying to grab a stuffed rabbit that had fallen off the bridge for his daughter.  

“Wireless Connection,” the third piece presented, was a love story about an awkward boy (Will Koski) gaining the courage to talk to a pretty girl (Elizabeth King) who didn’t even know he existed. In a turn of events, the pair discovered that they both play World of Warcraft and bond over their love for the game and the friendships they created through the game. After chatting about the game for quite some time the two realize they are each other’s best friends in the game. “Wireless Connection” was written by Heather Belecki and directed by Al Joritz.  

“Tell Me What You Want” was a story full of raging emotion and the actors Aryia Hawkins and Melissa Monten portrayed the characters, who were written by Tressa Rudolph perfectly. The show, directed by Maya Dougherty, followed two sisters, one of which was being sent creepy letters by a co-worker. The little sister urged her to call the police or move back in with their parents because she feared for her safety. In the end, the big sister convinced her little sister to move in with her. The little sister left to go run the new plan by her parents but after she left the stage we heard a loud angry knock that was followed by pounding. We can only assume that this is a knock from the creepy coworker and we are left with a cliffhanger.

One of the funniest and emotionally draining storylines heard all night was from “Homemade Battleground,” written by Mary Hildebrand and directed by Melissa Kumrow. “Homemade Battleground” started off as a rom-com between two friends, played by Eliot Mahon and Mo Mollering. Both actors did a wonderful job playing friends who enjoyed playing Dungeons and Dragons, but the story took a turn for the worst when Mo Mollering’s character professed her love for Eliot Mahon’s character. The loveable Eliot became the audiences least favorite person as his character dissed his friend and bullied her to tears.

The final story of the night written by Anasis Morgon, directed by Marissa Garcia and starring Kylie Deeds and Grace Newton sent a message about sending nudes to boys.  The story titled “Picture Her” was an informative story about roommates who end up talking to the same guy who still has one roomates’ nudes and asked for them from the other roommate.

Don’t miss out on any other Pipe Dreams Productions and go check out more of their upcoming shows this year like “Strangest Things!” which runs April 6 to April 22 and “Unlatched: A Devised Work,” running from April 26 to April 29.