Artist Spotlight

Trevor Stout

Caleb Kelch

Remember the name Trevor Stout–it’ll come in handy one day. Today, Stout is a junior Trumpet Performance major here at Millikin. Tomorrow, he could change the way the trumpet is played and interpreted for years to come. With a determined mindset and a passion for everything music, Trevor has a bright future that will lead him to a life full of gratitude and success. A positive attitude and a love for the music help Trevor strive to achieve each and every one of his goals. Day in and day out, Trevor Stout is working to be the one of the greats.

A Decatur native, Stout has known since high school that he doesn’t want to do anything other than music. “I never really cared for any of the subjects regarding outside of school use, and music was the only thing that I truly wanted to [learn about] and work on all the time,” said Stout. Since making that decision, Stout has become the lead trumpet in Millikin’s Jazz Band I and the Wind Ensemble. He’s also involved in the Latin Jazz Project, the top jazz combo, and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, the music fraternity on campus.

To achieve this success, you have to start somewhere, and then continue to work on the fundamentals. Everyday, Stout comes to school around 8:00 a.m. so he can warm up on his horn and work on “controlling his sound.” After that, he manages to squeeze in some practice time between each of his classes and ends up totaling around an hour and a half a day if not two hours of practice time overall. He is constantly putting in the hard work necessary to succeed, and that is why he will reap the benefits someday.

Jazz has become Stout’s main focus over the years and he hopes to have opportunities to play in big bands across the country. Someday, he would like to live somewhere like New York for a couple of years to experience the jazz scene. When it comes to dreams, playing with Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars would be one of his ultimate goals in life. He feels that if given that chance, he can achieve everything he has ever wanted.

After Millikin, he hopes to attend graduate school to receive his Master’s in Trumpet Performance. Stout believes he’ll end up in a theater-heavy city, such as Chicago or Minneapolis, where he could play for orchestras and in the pit of musicals. Teaching at the college level is certainly a possibility for him when it comes to settling down after living the performing life.

Do you still remember that name? Trevor Stout? Someday, he may be playing for Bruno Mars at The Grammys or playing with his own group in New York. His charisma immediately lights up a room and he has the ability to make anyone feel like they belong. Expect big things from this kind, humorous, humble, red-bearded trumpet player who will blow your mind with the set of chops he possesses. Trevor Stout has a very bright future ahead of him; be ready to see his name again.