Creative Corner

Love is Just a Compromise


Love is about compromise

Not compassion

You ignore all the white lies

Because you want to believe them

You go along with their game

Just to see them smile

And in the end it’s all the same

You’re the one who walks that extra mile

Compromise, you know they aren’t perfect

But every single day you swear

That they’re worth it

Every flaw, every scar, every imperfection

Is just another thing that you can love

About them

You ignore the unsavory parts

The arguments and the fights

It’s worth every scar on your heart

To be the one that they might

Fall in love with

And every day you can feel them

Getting farther away

And every day you try your best

To get them to stay

But love is filled with compromise

Not compassion

And in the end it’s no surprise

You just weren’t good enough for them


You Love What’s Left of Me


I tried to build walls

Made of steel, titanium and my own will

They were supposed to stand tall

Be impenetrable, invincible

Withstand the assaults of all who try to tear it down

But you, with your bright smile and your soft touch

You lifted the palm of your hand to my walls

And they crumbled at your fingertips

How? How could you have been so strong?

So willing to break walls that did not want to be broken?

I have burned all of my bridges, closed all of my doors

I have cut off all of the strings that tie me down

And yet, there you are. Comfortable.

Making a home out of the rubble.

How can you stand in my ashes and tell me

That they are something to be loved?

How can you look at my cracks and say

That you’ll love them, as I stand here, broken?

I am amazed. My heart has seized and stopped.

You have broken me down to the smallest parts

And yet you smile. And take me in your arms

Tell me you love me, because of my flaws.

You did this to yourself


You did this to yourself.

You got what you deserve.

You’re the one who decided,

To fall in love with her.

She’s too perfect.

You’re not.

She’s worth it.

So you thought.

And when you look in the mirror.

You stop to think about,

What you ever did to deserve her.

It’s your fault she’s gone.

It’s your fault you’re alone.

And it’s your fault she crushed you to pieces.


My name isn’t Juliet


This isn’t a fairytale

My name isn’t Juliet

I’ll never get my Romeo

I don’t want to love yet

I want to live while I’m still young

And love when I’m older

Be safe while I still can

And dangerous when I’m bolder

I’m not ready for romance

Or even just a fling

I’m still learning the dance

That life is teaching me