Super Hero Spotlight: The New Captain Marvel


Jason Messina, Writer

When you think marvel your mind first travels to the “brothers” in arms known as the Avengers. Very rarely do you think about a female Marvel hero and when you do it’s the Black Widow, But not only is one of the most powerful superheroes actually a woman but she is very rarely mentioned outside of comics.

Carol Danvers was born in Boston and was raised by her father and two brothers. As a child, Danvers always dreamed of being an astronaut and going to space. She was incredibly intelligent and hardworking, however her father refused to see a woman as equal to a man, so when it was time for one to go to college only the middle child was sent despite Carol’s far superior grades.

She didn’t let this stop her, however. At the age of 18, she joined the air force determined to get a college education one way or another. She ended up being the top of her air-force class and even gained the attention of certain departments such as the CIA. She was then trained as a spy and even worked with Wolverine and Black Widow. She then became in charge of Head of Security for a switch that entailed keeping track of otherworldly entities.

However, on one of her missions to track down Captain Marvel, a Kree alien who was on the side of the earth, she was hit with a Psyche-Magnetron. Which made Carol a perfect hybrid of Human and Kree. She gained powers and a split personality that would fight crimes with the powers. She was fired from her job. She then became a celebrity after writing a hit book. She eventually merged the two personalities, and she had been saving the world ever since.

Captain Marvel (formerly known as Ms. Marvel) has super strength, endurance, stamina, flight, as well as a sixth sense. She can fly at roughly six times faster than sound. She can survive entirely in space. She has a sixth sense allowing her to tell when something is wrong or off. She also can fire deadly beams and energy blasts directly from her fingertips with little to no effort. But one of her greatest powers is to absorb massive amounts of energy. It is not exactly known how much energy she can absorb, but the more she gets, the stronger she is. With enough power, she can even make changes to the laws of the universe, such as time, density, and even gravity. But after mass amounts of energy absorption and usage, she finds herself weakened.

She has a pretty impressive list of feats: She is fast enough to dodge minigun fire, she can successfully heal from a nuke, even when weakened she can support an entire train, when fighting Iron Man drunk she absorbed a whole city worth of power. She is a confirmed planet buster, as in can destroy planets, she has taken on an invasion of Skrull shapeshifters and even Grey Hulk, one of the most dangerous hulks. She even took up the mantle of Captain Marvel from her predecessor, the original Kree from which she got her powers.

As far as heroes go, she is the most often seen as a feminist icon, inspiring not only comic women but real world women as well. She fought to be an equal of a man and in the end surpassed all of the earth strongest men. Now the character will finally be receiving a proper movie, and hopefully, they can portray the power and determination that she is known for.