Superhero Spotlight: Moon Knight

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Jason Messina, Writer

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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. However, sometimes you don’t want people copying your livelihood, no matter how flattering it is. This is no exception in the word of comic books.
Everybody knows the two giants, D.C. and Marvel. The two have been rivals ever since comics started to turn a profit. It’s no surprise that when one has a good idea, the other might be prone to take it. The most well-known case is that of Deathstroke and Deadpool. The D.C. mercenary inspired Deadpool’s powers and origin story, even their names are near carbon copies. But, there are the cases where a hero gets stolen purposefully as an insult. Everybody knows D.C.’s caped crusader, but who has ever heard of Marvel’s Moon Knight.
Moon Knight was Marvel’s tongue in cheek jab at Batman.
Marc Spector was born in the 1930’s while his parents were trying to escape the Holocaust. They moved to America, and, in time, Marc grew to appreciate America’s capitalistic ways. He became a boxer, then joined the military and eventually the CIA. But after dealing with many issues in the CIA involving betrayal and the death of his lover by his brother, he became disillusioned with them and decided to become a mercenary. It was in this line of work that he made money and met his best friend Jean-Paul DuChamp, who he dubbed Frenchie.
They did a lot of missions together even overthrowing an entire government. But, this led to Marc’s death. Luckily a woman who loved him took him to the Shrine of the Moon God. And due to extreme luck, Marc was brought back from the dead. With his new found life, Marc believed he was the incarnation of the Moon God’s knight of justice.
Marc, Frenchie and his new love Marcine went back to America so Moon Knight could begin his new job. But when Moon Night went home he created more than just a secret identity; he created a new personality. His rich, handsome personality is Steve Grant, someone that could give off the illusion of a secret identity. He also created  Bertrand Crawley, a persona that was a cab driver and a friend of the homeless. Just one way to get info. Over the years, he continued to gain and use many personalities especially in combat. With each new personality, it became harder and harder to hold onto Marc Spector.

Powers and Abilities
Moon Knight gains his strength and power from the Moon God Kyushu. The fuller the moon the more power he has. He is known to have a brutal fighting style, and it is said Moon Knight would rather take a blow than block the hit.
His other power is his Dissociative Personality Disorder. He is immune to psychiatric attacks due to people can’t affect his mind. Moon Knight is also able to use personalities to fight and bring him wisdom and intelligence. He would even at times call for a Captain America personality to help him in battle.
He is also a master of weapons. He knows how to use an ax, bow staff, a compound crossbow and even things like throwing darts shaped like ankhs. And he rides into battle on his moon copter.
Moon Knight isn’t your typical hero, but he is there when the city and the world need him. He is the shining knight in the dark.