Video Game Review: Playing with the Lights Off!

Jason Messina, Writer

As All Hallow’s’ Eve draws closer, the chill in the air grows even colder. The ghosts, goblins and even evil clowns are coming out of the woodwork. Like every October, the horror theme is amped up in all aspects of life. People are making scary costumes, building haunted houses, producing new horror movies, and finally, gamers are breaking out their ghoulish games.

Some games are tailored to being played with the lights off as the haunting hour starts. So this list has been created to help you get some ideas for your spooky, scary marathon. The games on the list will be rated on two scales: How fun 1-10. One being watching paint dry and ten being in a live car chase. How scary 1-10. One being your dog in a costume and ten being a possessed doll knocking on your door. Some of the games on the list are series, so only one game from each series will be discussed.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s”

Have you ever wanted to watch paint dry but at the same time press buttons to avoid a jump scare? Then (FNAF) is the game for you. The story is so vague that gamers have been making their own, but the basic plot is you’re a night guard at a Chuck E Cheese type restaurant. Your job is to watch the haunted animatronics, and try not to die. And that’s it for six levels. The game is not fun, and the jump scares stop scaring after the first run through.

Fun: 1

Scary: 3


Not many games make you defenseless. In fact, most games make you a bada**, but “Outlast” is not like that. You play as a defenseless reporter, trying to investigate an asylum where weird things have been happening. And everything goes downhill from there. The game has a good plot and makes you feel anxious the entire time. Now, with a second one on the way, the only place to go is up.

Fun: 6

Scary: 7

“Dead by Daylight”

This is a new indie game that embraces the horror atmosphere but with a multiplayer twist. Each match allows you to either play as a survivor trying to hide and make it out alive or play as a murder trying to kill all the survivors. No matter which side you play, the game is very fun. Is it scary? Not really, but as far as indie games go you couldn’t pick a better one.

Fun: 9

Scary: 2

“Resident Evil 4”

The Resident Evil saga has been in the horror category ever since 1996. While the latest in the series can be classified as horrifying for completely different reasons, “Resident Evil 4” is still one of the best games and is excitingly fun. You feel like an actual movie character. Despite the weapons and strength, the hoards of enemies are always outnumbering you and the enemies are difficult. This game is a classic, especially with the eerie feeling.

Fun: 10


“Silent Hill”

The Silent Hill games are known for their psychological horror aspect. Playing in a creepy monster infested town, you must find a way out while also atoning for your past sins. The game does more than scare you. It depresses you. It makes you think about life and concepts of Hell. It could frighten anyone.

Fun: 5

Scary: 8

Dead Space

“Be an engineer they said. It’ll be fun they said.”

This is what we assume Isaac Clarke was thinking while aboard the alien infested spaceship. The story is simple: save your girlfriend and escape. But, it’s not that easy. The game will scare you at every chance it can, and teach you the true definition of paranoia. The gameplay may get repetitive, but it might be enough just to play for the fear.

Fun: 6


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