Halloween Costume Ideas


Ginny Campbell, Writer

There are a ton of costume ideas out there. Are you still trying to find the right one? Here are some ideas that range from the classics to the kind of “out there.”

Do-It-Yourself costumes can be a lot of fun and a way to show off your creativity. They’re also great because college students are usually concerned about how much money everything costs, and DIY is a good way to save money. One easy and cheap costume is going as a bag of jelly beans. All that is needed is a clear trash bag, some balloons, and a marker. Write out the logo on the balloons, then blow them up and stick them, and yourself, into the trash bag. Another DIY costume idea is going as a ghost. It’s a classic costume idea. All you need is a white sheet and a pair of scissors!

There are a lot of costume ideas for women, ranging from the classic cat to dressing up as a zombie cat. Girls can go as the Disney princesses, a witch, a gypsy, a nurse, and Little Red Riding Hood. There also other new ideas to try. Pokemon Go Trainer costumes have become popular this year thanks to the game’s popularity. There is also Superwoman from Batman versus Superman. The girls from the hit show Game of Thrones are also popular. Characters like Daenerys, Cersei, Sansa, Arya, and Yara can be seen knocking at your door and asking for candy.

Harley Quinn is another popular choice thanks to the movie Suicide Squad. Rey from Star Wars is another great pop culture costume idea. Rey just requires layers of beige clothing, a futuristic staff, and three hair buns.

Costume ideas for guys are also plentiful. Men can dress as everything from the Grim Reaper to a ninja. Superhero costumes always seem popular for males, especially with the Marvel craze going on. Boys can dress as well known characters such as Captain America and Iron Man, or they can go for less well-known superheroes such as Adam Warlock or Sentry.  

Vampires can seem like a major cliché, but can be made fun or creative. Scary vampire costumes can be a lot of fun to create.

There are classic costume ideas for guys, like Frankenstein or going as a policeman. Pretending to be a pirate for a night is also a typical and ever-popular costume idea. Then there is dressing up as rock star. Lots of people want to be a rock star for just one night.

There’s also Finn from the latest Star Wars movie. A distressed leather jacket and a ray gun are all you need to be Finn for a night.

There are a ton of costume ideas out there. Depending on your creativity levels, you can opt for a homemade costume or buy a ready-made costume from the store. Halloween is a fun time to geek out and let your inner nerd shine. Dress up and for one night and have fun pretending that you’re someone else!