Music Around the World

Katy Swift, Staff Writer

We all have our favorite ways to listen to music, but is that limiting what we listen too? Turning on the radio, it’s easy to sing along because the same songs are constantly being played. This excludes tons of phenomenal artists that we’ve never heard of. Usually, most of the artists we have heard of are from our own country or sing in our native language which is why many Americans haven’t heard of the Mexican pop duo Jesse & Joy.

Jesse and Joy are a brother-sister duo that started out by writing songs with their father back in 2001, but their group wasn’t officially formed until 2005 when they were signed on under the Warner Music Mexico label. From there, Jesse and Joy’s career took off. Their live debut was at a festival in front of 100,000 people, and some of their music was used in Mexican telenovelas. Then, a year after their debut album released, Jesse and Joy were nominated for and won a Latin Grammy Award for New Best Artist.

The duo continued to gain popularity after their second album “Electricidad” released in 2009, but they did not have any huge success until after their third album release in 2011. From this, they were once again nominated in the Latin Grammy Awards. Jesse & Joy won three out of the four times they were nominated, with two out of the three awards being for their hit song “¡Corre!”

All this time, Jesse and Joy slowly were gaining popularity in the U.S. Although they aren’t as popular here as they are in Mexico, the duo received their first Grammy Award nomination in 2012 for Best Latin Pop Album. They have performed in many states, performed on Austin City Limits, and have had three singles reach the top ten on U.S. Latin Pop charts since 2009.

The musical success in the family doesn’t stop with Jesse and Joy. Jesse’s nine-year-old daughter Hanna is also musically talented and has signed a publishing deal with Westwood Publishing. She helped write the song “Llorar” from Jesse & Joy’s third album. Hanna may help out writing songs for them in the future.

The diversity of artists in the world is amazing, but how can we find international music to listen to? We can start by just looking for something different, or even asking others if they’ve heard anything good recently that isn’t already popular. You may end up being surprised by all the different music you can discover.