Music around the World: Rishi Rich

Mehalet KesateBirhan, Staff Writer

First let me clarify that I couldn’t speak Hindi to save my life; yet there is something about Indian music that transcends understanding. In my opinion Indian singers, especially female singers, have some of the most beautiful voices on earth. I often listen to some songs repeatedly without understand a word in them, I do so because they are a joy to listen to, I’ll even confess to at times singing along…without a clue as to what I am saying.

My ventures into Indian music lead me to a brilliant English-Indian producer known mainly by his stage name Rishi Rich. His work focuses on Hindi remixes, fusing traditional Indian music styles with R&B and Hip Hop. This aspect makes his music catchy and relatable to westerners. Having started out in the underground Asian-hip hop scene, Rishi Rich grew to fame thanks to his album The Rishi Rich Project. In it are featured some of my favorite songs like “Stomp” featuring Jay Sean (back when he was a  good rapper and not a Lil Wayne sell-out). “Stomp” is not only catchy and stomp-worthy, it is sung in english and is full of pun intended humor. Another favorite is “Teri Masti.” This one is not in English but is great nonetheless. It’s a song that puts a pep in my step if I am walking or doing chores, it is also one I sing along with even if I make up all of the words. If you’re looking for something more mellow I would recommend “Do Rooha” by T-minder and Rishi Rich. It is a beautiful song with a message that can clearly be felt if not understood. In the same mellow category I’d recommend “Tere Bina Nahin Jeena,” this is one I like most of all because it has a more traditional feel to it while still being a mix; also the singer has a voice smooth as silk. Another song sung by a beautiful voice is “Menu Tere Jeya.” It is a fast paced and catchy song that will make you want to dance. There are so many variations in Rishi Rich’s work that it is hard to cover it all in one column. Yet it is this amount of various that makes me believe that there is a song for every taste. If any of my recommendations don’t suit your taste venture even farther and see for yourself that Indian music is as beautiful and rich as it’s country of origin.