Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Caitlin Husted, Staff Writer

The third and final book in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series “Allegiant” was released on October 22. In the past two books, the story has been told in Tris’s point of view, but in this book, the point of view switches between both Tris and Tobias.

“Allegiant” picks up right where “Insurgent” left off, with Tris releasing a video to the public that revealed the truth about the factions and explained that the Divergent were not to be feared, but were needed for help outside of the fence. The idea of leaving their city is shot down by new self-proclaimed leader, Evelyn Eaton— who happens to be Tobias’ mother. Instead, Evelyn begins to form a new way of life without the use of factions.

The factionless are pleased by this new way of living, while the people of the factions are a little more skeptical by this new way of life. The tension between the two groups begins to rise and Tris knows that something needs to be done.

When members of a group called The Allegiant contact Tris, revealing their plan to escape to outside of the fence to find the group of people who, according to the video, need their help, Tris and Tobias agree to go.

After a risky escape, the group comes into contact with something much bigger than they had ever imagined and makes them question their view on their lives. New truths explode from all angles as Tris and Tobias struggle with deciding who to trust, what to believe and what to fight for.

The final book of the Divergent series does a phenomenal job of wrapping up Tris’ story, while taking readers on a journey of courage, sacrifice and love in a way that prompts both laughter and tears.

This book is definitely on the must read list. Anyone who reads this book will be able to watch as both Tris and Tobias discover who they really are and what they believe in. Readers will be captivated by both Tris and Tobias’ struggles as they fight for not only each other, but for a new way of life.