On the Edge

Brock Hayden , Staff Writer

You most definitely didn’t take “Doctor’s Orders” if you missed the On The Edge Part 2 Cabaret this past Tuesday evening. Senior Musical Theatre major, Denzel Tsopnang, has outdone himself once again, and assembled a dynamic group of talent that rocked the socks off those in attendance. Students who grew up in the area will likely be shocked at the amount of talent housed here in the Milli-bubble. Familiar faces were a part of the cast in addition to some extremely talented freshman who most definitely possess impressive sets of pipes. The cabaret offered a diverse mix of sultry ballads and full-out belting fierceness that was enough to make any musical theatre aficionado scream with absolute glee.

Highlights included a fried chicken cameo and songs from The Full Monty as well as a surprising and hilarious twist on Hairspray’s “Mama, I’m a Big Girl Now”. A special mention should be made of freshman, Alexandra Alontaga, who, despite being petite in stature, most definitely does not have a petite voice. Additionally, Musical Theatre majors, Brittney Brown and Kristin Brintnall, respectively, each made their presence known by belting out a few choice high notes, which caused the crowd to scream in bursts of impressed approval. Of course, no musical performance is complete without a fantastic accompanist and Jared Rixstine fit the bill fantastically.

As the show ended, the foyer outside Kauper Hall was awash with audience members itching to congratulate the cast on their stellar performance. Sometimes crazy is fun, and, when you have a group of performers singing about being on the edge of insanity, it presents a show that will have you on the edge of your seat. One thing is certain; the cast will definitely need a few casts of their own because legs were most definitely broken.