Monstrous Movies for All Hallow’s Eve

Brock Hayden , Staff Writer

That time of year is upon us again. The time has come for us to grab our friends and our favorite bulk-sized bag of tooth-rotting goodness and break out some of these Halloween must-watch movies which include both tricks and treats. These are listed in no particularly order:

1. The Halloweentown Series
Arguably the best of the Disney Channel Original Movies, Halloweentown, Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge, and Halloweentown High were some of the most memorable movies of our childhoods. The fourth, Return to Halloweentown, brought about the false Marnie, and is best left ignored.
2. Hocus Pocus
The beloved Sanderson Sisters never get old. This cult classic is a definite requirement for any Halloween movie-viewing party.
3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Get together with your friends and do the Time Warp over and over again. Risqué lingerie is required.
4. Nightmare on Elm Street
What better way to be afraid of sleeping than watching a movie about a man who will literally kill you in your dreams?
5. Halloween
Bonus points for putting Michael Myers’ signature music on your phone and following your friends as the walk home at the end of the night.
6. Beetlejuice
Say his name three times! A Tim Burton classic
7. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Every good movie party needs a sing-along!
8. Children of the Corn
When you’re done, be sure to take any of your party guests who are from out of state on little road trip to one of the endless corn fields that grace the area.
9. Carrie
Watch the original, and then go see the remake! Guaranteed to warm the hearts of anyone who was picked on in high school…or to terrify them completely.
10.Friday the 13th
Everyone’s favorite hockey mask-clad serial killer is traipsing about with a knife. This couldn’t end badly at all.