Creative Corner

Brock Hayden , Staff Writer


By Brock Hayden

That which we crave,
but are not pleased by.
For life with true serenity
is a life gone awry.
Serenity breeds solitude.
A fate none should crave.
If we knew not of pain,
Or did not know of sorrow,
We could not hope for love
Or compassion tomorrow.
To be truly calm,
we must shun interaction
Yet, by our nature, separation
That scourge upon our beings
Yields dissatisfaction.
As we wallow in solace,
We grow full of disgrace
Curled in on ourselves
And in need of embrace
Were it not for disruption,
We’d know nothing of peace.
We would never desire
a mental release
without one, the other
cannot exist.
Which is why it is strange
we proceed to insist
to cry out for tranquility
with a wailing call
When, if we were
strangers to troubles
We’d nothing to cry for
Nothing At All