Spring 2013 Theatre Preview: Dive into murder, trailer trash and dance

Denny Patterson


Premiering on Broadway in 1928, “Machinal” is considered to be a highpoint of Expressionist theatre. “Machinal” is the story of Helen who has no control over her life; she lives the way society expects her to be. She ends up marrying her boss, who she despises, but ends up having a baby with him. She then proceeds to have an affair with a younger man, which fuels her to murder her husband. This show is inspired by real life murderer, Ruth Snyder, who was convicted and executed in 1928. The show will run in Albert Taylor Feb. 27 – March 3, directed by Denise Myers.

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
Living in a trailer park called Armadillo Acres, lovers Jeannie and Norbert are soon to be celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary.  Trouble begins when the new girl, Pippi, arrives. She is a stripper on the run who begins to come between the couple. Life turns upside down while Pippi’s baggage creates havoc. Narrated by three ladies of Armadillo Acres, the show will be at Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre from April 5-7, directed by Wade Tischhauser.

Spring Awakening
We all know what it’s like to grow up. We deal with issues like sexual abuse, intimacy, homosexuality and depression. Set in late- nineteenth century Germany, Wendla Bergmann and her friends are in the midst of puberty. These teens are discovering their sexual peaks and identity while trying to handle the difficulties of everyday life.  As alternative rock is employed as part of the rock score, “Spring Awakening” is well known for its musical numbers like “Mama Who Bore Me,” “The B**** of Living” and “Totally F*****.” The production will be held in Albert Taylor April 17-21, directed by Lori Bales.

Cracker an Original play
Making its world premiere right here at Millikin, Cracker is the story of a suburb experiencing with gang activity. Les Colton and his groups of “white cracker” friends desperately want to fit in. Unfortunately mothered by an alcoholic, Les can only confide in his African-American friend named Blue. Chaos ensues once his brother, Ray comes back to town. Ray was recently released from prison and has returned to settle his vengeance. “Cracker” explores issues such as race, violence and stereotyping. It will be performed at Pie Dreams Studio Theatre from April 26-28, directed by Tom Robson.

Equinox: A Concert of Dance
What would Millikin be without its annual dance concert? “Equinox: A Dance Concert” is the performance where students show off their dance abilities. Intersecting the artistic displays of rhythm, movement and light, the outcome becomes dazzling. This show offers choreographed works by students and faculty. The performances will be held in Albert Taylor from May 4-5