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Chris Brown Controversy

JaCarla Anderson, Writer

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Currently in the news there has been a story circulating involving the pop singer Chris Brown. There were allegations made against Brown that stated that he pulled a gun on a woman by the name of Baylee Curran. Reports show that when Curran appeared on TMZ she reportedly said that she had been at Brown’s house, and when she went to admire a piece of jewelry that one of Brown’s crew members displayed, Brown’s guy went crazy. Then Brown proceeded to demand her to get out of his house at gunpoint. Curran also says that she was not allowed to leave until she signed a nondisclosure agreement. August 30th was when Brown was arrested with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.
Throughout all the commotion going on outside of Brown’s house, he made frequent videos that told statements about what was going on. In one of the videos he posted on Instagram, Brown said “When I call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life they don’t come till the next day. Let somebody make [an] allegation about me and oh you get a whole … swat team…I’m innocent.” This shows that Brown was clearly upset. Brown was furious that some woman was making an accusation and that the media believed her enough to send out multiple cop cars.
Brown stated in another one of his video posts, “I am father. I am one of the best entertainers out here without bragging and saying woe is me. I don’t’ get enough credit.”
In my opinion, I think that Brown was right to be upset. Brown has something to lose now. It isn’t  just about  his credibility but custody of his child. With these accusations against Brown, there is “enough to have Nia Guzman [Brown’s baby mama] get a judge to … adjust custody of Royalty,” says This incident shows that, with the negative press, Brown could face serious life changing events.
It has been stated by Father’s Rights Attorney, David Pisarra, that, “If charges are dropped against Chris, the fact that he was engaged in a showdown with the police could still make a family court nervous and negatively affect his custody of his child.” Pisarra said, “If there are guns in the household, and he is unstable pulling guns on people, using drugs, this could seriously limit his custody and visitation on a long-term basis.”
Even though this is one of Brown’s many assaults this one could cause the most damage to his life.

Brown’s track record isn’t the best. We know this because in 2012 he was involved in an altercation with Drake. Then in 2013, Brown and Frank Ocean had an altercation. In early February of 2009 Brown and his then girlfriend Rihanna had an argument that led to Brown physically assaulting her, and she ended up with visible facial injuries. Brown was then charged with felony assault and making criminal threats on March 5, 2009. Brown’s probation did not end until March 20, 2015 regarding the Rihanna case. Brown was also arrested for felony assault in October of 2013 when two men tried to join in on a picture with Brown and two other women. Though Brown’s felony was dropped to a misdemeanor, the fact still remains that he is no stranger to legal troubles.  As you can see Chris Brown has been in major trouble over the years but this one may be the worse yet.

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Chris Brown Controversy