Kesha’s Court Case and What It Potentially Means for Victims Everywhere

As many of you may already know, Kesha has been going through a very tough time for the past, oh, ten years. If you don’t know, Kesha is currently trying to get out of a six album contract with her music producer, Dr. Luke. According to statements from both Kesha and her mother, Dr. Luke has been physically, emotionally, and sexually abusing Kesha for years. The allegations currently against him are sexual assault and battery; sexual harassment; gender violence; civil harassment; violation of California’s unfair business laws; intentional infliction of emotional distress; negligent infliction of emotional distress; and negligent retention and supervision. Obviously these charges are not small, if Dr. Luke is in fact guilty he could go away for the long time. The problem in this situation is the lack of substantial evidence. All the jury really has are Kesha’s statements, some sketchy tweets from Dr. Luke, and Kesha’s trip to rehab for an eating disorder that she later told the court was partially Dr. Luke’s fault.

Sony has arranged it so that Kesha does not have to be in contact with Dr. Luke at all. She doesn’t have to see him again. But I understand why she’s trying to get out of her contract. To be doing something that you love only to be constantly reminded that your rapist is benefiting for your hard work is not something that sits well is a person’s stomach. She may have lost that battle, but she still has a war ahead of her. In late 2017 the trial in which Dr. Luke will be accused of rape and abuse will be held. This last trial was only to get out of her six album contract.

This lack of real evidence is often a real problem when it comes to cases of abuse and sexual assault. Hundreds of rapist aren’t convicted due to the victim’s failure to present any evidence. Oftentimes the victim is too afraid to contact law enforcement right after the rape has happened and therefore they lose a lot of substantial evidence required to convict the rapist. Usually the only evidence of rape is bruising, scratches, and another’s DNA in or on the victim’s genitalia. Since all of these can go away over time its often very hard for law enforcement to find evidence. Unless the victim takes photos with time stamps or uses a rape kit, it’s usually hard to convict a rapist.

This lack of real evidence also sheds some suspicion on Kesha. Without substantial proof, there is a chance that she is, in fact, lying. I, personally, don’t think she’s lying, but many still have that sliver of doubt. All this case really is, is her word against his. If she is actually lying, she could manage to set back the fight for equality. If Kesha is lying, men and women everywhere will begin to wonder if all rape victims are lying. It’s true that sometimes you have those men and women who lie about being sexually assaulted to get back at their significant others, but that is hardly ever the case. Most men and women who have the courage to step forward and point out their rapist have been living in fear of their rapist ever since they raped them. Those people are not lying.

Because of the attention that Kesha’s case is getting, if evidence leads the jury to believe that she has stooped to accuse an innocent man of a very serious crime, then the movement against rape may lose most, if not all, of its momentum. If she’s telling the truth, then the publicized conviction of a rapist and abuser may give victims the courage to speak out against their rapists.

Over all the attention and support that Kesha has been receiving is amazing. Thousands are standing up for her and working to make sure women like her do not have to go through what she’s going through. Her battle has brought to attention the abuse and inequality that women face when trying to succeed in the music industry. Kesha’s strength and perseverance through such a hard time serves as an excellent example of a victim’s will to rid themselves of everything that ties them to their rapist.