Kayce Fuentes, Staff Writer

So, spring break just flew by and we are finally in the home stretch.

I couldn’t help but notice how many people went places over spring break. Don’t get me wrong, I always imagined my college spring break spent on a beach somewhere, but that was before I discovered the greatness that is being a broke college kid. Is this really how college students should be spending their breaks and their hard earned cash? Or is it better to just stay at home with your family?

On one hand, staying at home could be fun. It’s always nice to see your family and catch up with high school friends, even the ones you haven’t spoken to in months because you’re lazy. You get to just sit and relax around your house and be the child you still truly are. The downside is that going home means you’re under your parents rule again, and all your adult privileges are taken away. Also, as anyone will tell you about his or her hometown, “there’s nothing to do. It’s so boring.”

There was probably a good reason why you left.

Deciding to spend your spring break somewhere exotic sounds like heaven. Before moving away from home, we picture college spring break as huge parties on a beach somewhere. The sad reality is, not many students can actually afford that.

Also, how do you decide who to take this journey with? Your new college buddies or those high school friends you haven’t exactly communicated with? Is the price tag really worth those couple days in Cancun? It could be. After all, it does get you away from your family a little longer, and you’re not just sitting around the house.

I love the idea of being on a beach during spring and getting out of Illinois, where spring is really just a winter hangover. I like to stay within my own realistic abilities, though. I have tuition to pay, so maybe I’ll have the ability in the future to be lying on a beach and not silently freaking out about my student loans. I just couldn’t see myself being able to relax while thinking about school and every other stress. Spring break can be just as good at home as it can be anywhere else.

Basically, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a memorable spring break senior year.