Returning-to-Campus Updates

August 12, 2020

Dean Rapphaella Prange posted a video with updates on the morning of August 11. These updates contained announcements that will affect on-campus living considerably. Here is a recap and some additional information.


  1. Millikin will have a curfew for the first two weeks of classes. Millikin has implemented a curfew where all students must check-in to their dorm rooms every night until at least September 7th. This is a measure to enforce the campus-wide “soft quarantine.”
  2. Millikin will impose a soft-quarantine. This quarantine means that students will be asked to keep activities to a minimum. Students can go to class, pick up food from the cafeteria, and go back to their rooms until September 7th. No in-person on-campus events will be permitted. This is so Millikin can attend to possible issues in a more controlled environment.
  3. Capacity limits are listed outside most areas. In the UC and other locations, Millikin has placed capacity limits outside of seating areas. These include collaboration rooms, lobby seating areas, and the thinktanks.


  1. Students living in Residence Halls and The Woods Apartments will receive PPE kits. Dean Prange mentioned in the video that all on-campus residents will receive PPE kits with thermometers. According to an email between Dean Prange and the Decaturian, this will also include residents of The Woods. Students who live off-campus or commute will still need to purchase their own thermometers. “We are still trying to decide if we will distribute them at check-ins or just through the Woods office, but we have them ready to go,” Prange said.
  1. The soft-quarantine does not apply to commuter students or off-campus students, but Millikin expects it from on-campus students. According to Dean Prange, this is not an extension of the pledge all students need to take to return to campus but is it added to the conduct expectations of all on-campus residents.
  2. Campus Life staff and Professional staff will man the check-in desks for the curfew. The check-in desks will comply with social distancing rules. Students will need their student IDs to swipe-in, making the process contactless.
  3. The “hotspot” states have grown. When the plan was first made, the hotspot states included Texas, Arizona, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina. This list also now includes Nevada and Idaho.

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