Cubs v.s. Cardinals


If you live in Illinois, then you are probably a Cubs or Cardinals fan. If you are a fan of one of the two, then you are probably aware of the rivalry between the two. The Cardinals have won several championships, while Cubs haven’t won since 1908. Cardinal fans won’t let the Cubs fans forget it. The one thing that is true, is Cubs fans are some of the most loyal MLB fans out there. That’s a long time to wait for your team to win a championship.

For the last several years, the Cubs have not been the best team, but the Cardinals have seemed to have success over the Cubs. Even though Cards seem to be the better team, statistically speaking, the rivalry between the two still is alive and well. This year, the rivalry is bigger than ever. For the first time in recent years, the Cubs seem to have the upper hand over the Cardinals. The Cubs have already clinched the NL Central while the Cardinals are in a tight race for a wild card spot against the San Francisco Giants and New York Mets. The Cardinals find themselves with their backs against the walls, while Cubs are solely focused on their first World Series since 1908.

So, we know the rivalry exists, but the question is, is there a rivalry on the Millikin campus? There seems to be mixed views on the subject. According to freshman Marissa McElroy, the campus seems to be split between the two fandoms, more so than normal this year with tensions rising as the postseason approaches. This year, it seems that Cubs fans are outnumbering Cardinals fans on campus, which is noticeable based on the amount of students clad in their Cubs gear. With the Cubs clinching the division and having the best record in baseball, there are even more students donning their Cubs gear. There weren’t a whole lot of Cardinals fans to talk to, but Cubs fans had no problem speaking up. They are loving the attention their team is getting. Who wouldn’t be enjoying themselves, if their team was as hot as the Cubs are? Cubs fans have high hopes for this year. After being distraught for over 100 years, they are fully engaged in the thought of a World Series title. Jackson Deofosse and Craig Austin, both Cubs fans, didn’t hold back. Deofosse said “Cubs are gonna win. We are good.” While Austin said “It’s not really a rivalry this year.”

That’s gotta drive a dagger through the hearts of Cardinal fans. Nicco Stepina, on the other hand, was more reserved. He is not predicting a World Series, but he would love to see the Cubs win. Morgan Short believes there is a rivalry on campus. She claims there has always seemed to be somewhat of a rivalry. Now, it is more obvious. She has noticed fellow fans talking smack as well as Cubs gloating over being in the playoffs so early. There are still some Cardinals fans on campus, though. Morgan Norsen and her family are such big fans that the named their dog Yadi after the Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. So, based on the testimonies from fellow students, it is obvious there is a rivalry on campus. The rivalry is all in good fun, of course.

The next two months should be exciting for all baseball fans on campus because October is normally when the best baseball is played, and it will most likely provide an extension of the tension between Cubs and Cardinals fans.