Best of MLB week 22

Kicking things off at number five for this week’s best of is the Chicago Cubs (74-55). The Cubs are down one from last week, however with Jake Arrieta tossing his first career no-hitter, things seem to be looking up for Chicago.

Up two spots from last week is the Toronto Blue Jays (74-56). They seem to be on the move towards the top of the list.

Right in the middle is the Pittsburg Pirates (79-50) at number three. They are beginning a nine-game road trip, so we’ll have to keep a watch on where they’ll be on the list in the next few weeks.

Still at number two this week is the Kansas City Royals (80-50), but will they be able to hold that position? Staying steady at number one for the past fourteen weeks is the St. Louis Cardinals (84-46). They have some fierce competition this season, will they be able to handle it? Or will their streak of holding on to number one come to an end? The only thing we can do is sit back and watch