NFL Week 10 Top 5

A lot of change in the top five this week. A few teams lost their spot on the list and the long running number one is no longer at the top, let’s get started with number five. The Colts (6-3) are up 4 from last week. 337.4 passing yards and 113.8 rushing yards. When as the last time they were in the top five this season? Coming in at number four and up one from last week are the Eagles 6-2. 284.8 passing yards 124.5 rushing yards, they’re moving on up slowly but surely. Moving down two from last week, once the long time running number one, now at number three this week, the Broncos 6-2. 313.5 passing yards and 94.1 rushing yards. Yikes, what’s going on with the broncos? Guess we’ll see in a week if they’re still on the list or if the Eagles will keep a steady one and knock them down more? Staying steady at number two the Cardinals 7-1. 239.9 passing yards and 90.5 rushing yards, defeating the Cowboys in regular season for the first time since 1989, which could be why Dallas is down 5 this week. And the new number one in the top five is the Patriots 7-2 moving up two from number three. 265.8 passing yards and 101.2 rushing yards. It looks like anything can happen next week. Who knows, maybe there will be five new teams that will take the top five, you’ll have to read to find out.