Millikin Women’s Softball

Kyline Humm, Staff Writer

As the softball world gets into full swing and spring is upon us, weather permitting, the Millikin Women’s Softball team is ready for CCIW action and the rest of their season. They still have a little while to wait, but CCIW rivalries and competition are what really make or break the season. The CCIW has a ton of talent when it comes to softball, but Millikin has a chance to make it to the tourney. Not only is it a goal of the team’s, but they are planning on it. Alexis Rogers shared that, “our goals are more or less to be as successful as we can, but as long as we can keep up with pitching in CCIW play and get the results that we want, we can make one of our goals come true, which is making it to the CCIW tournament.” The Big Blue were ranked fifth in the pre-season poll with 24 points and will hopefully finish higher than expected when the season comes to a close. It is time to prove the rankings wrong. Overall, as of Mar. 21, the Big Blue are at a record of 6-7 and a 3 game winning streak.

The Big Blue will open up CCIW play on Apr. 5 at 1 p.m. against North Central College, at North Central. According to Alexis, “we did a great job at the beginning of our season in Florida, going 5-5. We had many players hot on the bat with junior nursing major, Raeshel Braden, getting four home runs. As long as we keep up the hot bats and keep up with the pitching, and stay motivated, we can have a great season.” As hard work can carry a team far throughout the season, there is always some work to be done. For the Big Blue, improvement on the field can make its way onto that list, but it is not totally horrible. The consistency just needs to be there and players have to bring that competitiveness to every single minute of play, especially when the CCIW conference play starts. The consistency is proving itself, as the team has been on a winning streak and for the Big Blue, hopefully their hard work and consistency plays off and stays with them for the rest of the season. When the CCIW opener rolls around against North Central College, it will set the tone for the Big Blue for the rest of the season.