ATO Brocase: A New Tradition

Emily Chudzik

In only a few short weeks, the Theta Iota chapter of Alpha Tau Omega put together their first ever “brocase.” It featured numerous ATO members performing various talents.

It took place in Kaeuper Hall in PMC at 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 23. Freshman nursing major Cody Gray and freshman political science major Caleb Williams co-emceed the event. They were both personable and provided the audience with laughs and entertainment in between the acts.

“I’m not afraid of being on stage. I consider myself a pretty social guy, so I wasn’t nervous, but I was stressed,” Gray said.

ATO was originally going to hold another event called “Taus for the Cause,” but it ended up getting canceled.

Gray said, “After Taus for the Cause was canceled, Trey Pogue appointed both Caleb and I to put together this brocase. It took about two weeks.”

The idea to hold a brocase was the chapter’s idea. Two members in particular, senior Jay R. De Leon and Carson Jones, tried to have a variety show like this since they were pledges. Gray and Williams were happy to take that idea and help make it a reality.

“We had to make sure tickets were sold, we had people to work the event, and we organized everyone’s talents [and created the lineup],” Gray said.

It was a successful event, especially considering the short amount of time they had to put it together. All of the proceeds went to Dennis Lab School’s Habitat for Humanity fund.

Williams said, “Honestly, it’s our duty as Greek members to help out our community and think of others first before ourselves.”

“It went amazing. It definitely surpassed expectations. We raised right around $600. I think if we had months to plan, we could have doubled that,” Gray said.

The ATO brocase was fun for all involved.

“My favorite part was inviting the seniors on stage and determining who was going to do the improvised talent, then having all the ATO’s come up. That moment of brotherhood was cool,” Gray said.

Williams said, “My favorite part was looking out into the crowd and seeing all the different fraternities, sororities, and Millikin students there to support us in an event we had less than two weeks to put on.”

Junior nursing major Patrick Lewellyan had fun showing off his unique talent at the brocase.

“Whether it was talents, hobbies, or something funny, it was unbelievable to see what my brothers were able to come up with to share at the brocase. I personally enjoyed being up on stage juggling a soccer ball with [fellow ATO] Carson,” Lewellyan said.

Tom Emola, a sophomore information systems major, performed in a few of the dance numbers. He enjoyed being a part of the show and entertaining the audience.

“My favorite part about the brocase was being able to work with my brothers to show the talent in our fraternity as well as entertain members of the campus,” Emola said.

The brocase went over extremely well with the audience members.

Elaine Ortyl, a sophomore philosophy pre-law major, said, “I thought the event was very well put together and showed off all of the brothers. My favorite part was seeing all of the serenade dances again. They’re always so funny!”

Alice Bernard, a freshman nursing major, said, “The talents at the brocase were as diverse as each member’s personality and all equally entertaining. They kept me on my toes the whole show and made me laugh for a solid hour and a half. The ‘ATBros’ have outdone themselves!”

Gray and Williams would like to thank the chapter for having faith in them and letting them run this event and have a big responsibility as new members.

ATO plans to hold another brocase next year. They hope it attracts more people, is held in a larger space, and has more time to be organized.