Millikin Professor Running for Decatur City Council

Emily Chudzik, News Editor

Dr. David Horn, associate professor of ecology at Millikin University, is running for a position for Decatur City Council. The municipal elections for the city of Decatur will take place on Tuesday, April 7.

Decatur City Council meets every first and third Monday of the month. Along with the mayor, they suggest policy and ordinances for Decatur. They are also responsible for listening to and acting upon the requests of residents.

“I love the city of Decatur,” Horn said. “This is a way for me to give back to a city I have a great passion for. Decatur is a city that is poised for positive transformation, and I want to be someone who helps achieve the great potential that it has.”

Horn has created a specific PACT with citizens: Prosperity, Accountability, Community, and Transformation. He believes these are essential if Decatur wishes to see positive growth.

“When you have increased prosperity [and] greater accountability, when we build stronger communities, it allows us to achieve positive transformation for our city. I believe we have the opportunity to turn Decatur into a vibrant city and a model for economic growth in the United States,” Horn said.

Horn further explained what he thinks makes for an effective and efficient government.

“I believe in a collaborative and cooperative approach to governance,” Horn said. “As such, I am inviting all stakeholders to discuss issues of importance to our community and propose recommendations for how we can move the city forward.”

One example he cited was concern with the creation of more middle class jobs in Decatur. He defined middle class jobs as jobs that “allow people to fulfill their American Dream,” and “provide them with economic stability and the freedom to pursue opportunities.”

“For this specific issue, I would invite the Decatur Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Corporation of Decatur and Macon County, local labor, Richland Community College, Millikin University, and others to formulate a plan to increase job opportunities,” Horn said. “From a student’s perspective, this might mean creating pathways from student to career.”

Early voting has already started, and will continue until April 4. The last day to vote after that, the official voting day, is April 7.

“I encourage Millikin students to vote if they are a voter in Decatur. More specifically, I urge students to vote in their own municipal elections. We tend to vote in presidential elections the most, a little less in state elections, and the least in municipal elections,” Horn said. “On a day to day basis, the unit of government that plays the largest role in one’s life is local government. You’re spending the majority of your time in college, in Decatur, Ill. Who is on your city council, who is your mayor, and the direction that government is leading the city directly impact’s one’s life.”

For questions about early voting, voter registration, or voting, call the Macon County Clerk’s Office at 217-424-1333. For additional information on Dr. Horn’s campaign, visit, or “like” the Horn for Decatur page on Facebook.