Multicultural Greek Week

Emily Chudzik, News Editor

The Multicultural Greek-letter organizations of Millikin celebrated their Greek Week on Monday, February 16 through Saturday, February 21. The purpose of MGC is to promote the awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions, as well as the surrounding communities.

The multicultural fraternities and sororities held events throughout the week to help educate people on racial issues and promote multicultural unity.

“My favorite event that was held would definitely have to be Dear White People,” Wyatt Burton, sophomore theater major with a music minor and co-recruitment chair for Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, said. “I think it really gave people the opportunity to finally speak about such a hot topic and really be able to express their opinion, as well as get educated and ask questions in a controlled and judgment-free environment.”

Senior chemistry major with a biology minor, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and President of MGC Ebony Hughey also enjoyed the Dear White People event. “President Pat White and his wife were in attendance, along with forty plus students. [It was a] student-facilitated open forum aimed to start the difficult conversations that we hide from inside of the Millibubble,” Hughey said. “The event was a success and we are planning to have another forum in the near future.”

MGC allows students to meet people from different racial backgrounds and discuss important issues.

“I joined a Multicultural Greek Organization because I get to meet new and exciting people from different races. I’m enjoying every second of it. Joining the organization has made me a more respectful and a more humble individual,” Bemajedaerki Williams, sophomore communication major and co-recruitment chair for Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, said. “That right there is the best feeling that I can ever have in my life time.”

“I decided to join MGC, because it was a home for me. I explored the different organizations on campus, but none of them really felt right for me…It’s been a wonderful journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Burton said. “Being a beta has made me stronger. I’ve become more passionate about social justice, cultural awareness, and brotherhood. I’ve become a stronger, more powerful, and more compassionate person through SLB.”

Kiara Colon, senior vocal performance major and president of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., said, “I love that SLG is small. Some might say that is not a good thing, but I would disagree… The fact that we are small makes us stronger and more appreciative of each other I have personally grown in confidence and leadership skills, and I have learned how to be understanding, as well as how to be unbiased when handling any situation.”

Jazmin Wilkerson, junior history major, vice-president, historian and co-recruitment chair for Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Incorporated, and secretary for MGC, said, “I joined a Multicultural Greek Organization because I come from a mixed family. SLG helped me stay in tune with what I was used to. It also helped me learn about other cultures unlike my own. Being in this organization has helped me be more confident in myself, break from the cocoon I was in, and help me become an independent woman of distinction.”

MGC plans to have more events in the future aimed to spark conversation and debate and spread unity between people of differing races and cultural backgrounds.