Student Senate Creates New Competition

Emily Chudzik, News Editor

Recently, there has been a noticeable lack of student attendance at a number of Millikin events. Women’s volleyball, in particular, wasn’t getting the outcome they desired, and decided to make a change.

In order to generate more student attendance at the games, Student Senate decided to collaborate with the program and create a competition among Millikin’s four social fraternities.

Hannah Millington – junior sports management major with a criminal justice minor, and intern for the volleyball team – and Nathan Trout – junior international business and business management major and VP of Finance and Committee Chair of School Spirit for Student Senate – created the competition. Millington noticed the much-needed boost in attendance and went to Trout for help to formulate an event.

“The games were not being promoted very well. No one outside of sports really ever came to the games. Getting the fraternities involved was a good thing,” Millington said.

Trout said, “Student Senate supports every organization. We are willing to help anything that needs help with attendance. Student Senate is your voice.”

A $300 check was awarded to Alpha Tau Omega from the athletic department for having the most attendance out of all four fraternities. In addition to having the most members, the award was based on dedication, image, and attitude.

“As an athlete, I know I play better when people are cheering. It was a lot of fun to watch the volleyball team, because they’re really good this year,” Jeremy Baehler, junior business marketing major and member of ATO, said. “I’m proud we went through with it. It shows that we’re dedicated to our sports teams.”

“I think it’s important to support other events so we can show that ATO and Greek life cares about the different events on campus,” Frank Jones, sophomore marketing major with an informational systems minor, and member of ATO, said. “I’m proud of us. [ATO] is helping me be a better leader and helping me be more involved. I wouldn’t have applied to be a FYEM if it wasn’t for ATO.”

Also this semester, Student Senate helped boost attendance at a football game by providing free body paint for the event.

The main goal of spirit committee is to boost school spirit. “Millikin’s school spirit is not up to par. Our university is so diverse; [Student Senate’s] goal is to find a tie for every activity and event. We should be proud of our school and our classmates, and we should support them in every way,” Trout said.

Millington said, “People will be more inclined to return the favor and go to other events, musicals or games if students are coming to their events.”

Student Senate hopes to do more events in the future. One idea is to create a sorority basketball competition, similar to this past fraternity one. Student Senate elected a new committee, and they have new ideas to help improve school spirit. They want to start implementing new activities and competitions as soon as possible, in order to create a more unified university.