LGBTQ Corner

We Do Campaign urges same-sex couples to record marriage as public record

The state of Mississippi does not recognize same sex marriage. That did not stop Anna Guillot and Chrissy Kelly from putting their New York marriage license in their county clerk’s office to make it public record. The couple was married in 2012 in New York. They continue to live in Mississippi, despite the fact that their marriage is not recognized.

This was a part of the We Do Campaign run by Southern Equality. Southern Equality has a goal to increase the spread of marriage equality in southern states. Since Guillot and Kelly made their license public record, five same-sex couples have applied for Mississippi marriage licenses in Jackson, Mississippi—all five couples were denied.

17 counties in North Carolina and one county in Alabama have put same-sex marriage licenses on public record because of Southern Equality. The group continues to tour the southern states on their mission to marriage equality in the south.

Michigan weds hundreds, Governor avoids answers

After a federal judge ruled Michigan’s same-sex marriage ban as unconstitutional last week, hundreds of same-sex couples married to beat the clock. Within 24 hours of the ruling, the appeals court issued a stay and halted all same-sex marriages. More than 300 same-sex couples were joined in marriage in the 24 hour period.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder refuses to give straight answers about whether or not the state will recognize the 300 marriages. A representative states that the order stayed all marriage licenses, and that the issue did not need to be talked about until it was resolved.

Large Christian charitable organization accepts gay employees

World Vision USA updated its beliefs to include changing marriage standards. The company does not endorse sex outside of marriage, but will not consider sex within a marriage, whether same-sex or not, within its boundaries.

President of World Vision USA, Rich Stearns, told employees that the company does not endorse same-sex marriage, but is willing to change rules to accept same-sex marriage.

“We are determined to find unity in our diversity,” Stearns said.

The company is wanting to focus more on its mission rather taking sides in the never-ending fight for marriage equality.

The group received many criticisms, but is sticking to its decision.