LGBTQ Corner

Michigan ban on same-sex marriage takes a blow

In 2004, Michigan banned marriage equality. Now, 10 years later, a federal court judge is ruling that ban unconstitutional.

Judge Bernard Friedman ruled the ban on marriage unconstitutional after a same-sex couple, Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer, who have been together for more than 10 years and have three children together, brought on a case claiming that the ban is a violation of the constitutions equal protection clause and the due process clause. The ruling took effect immediately, and same-sex couples are being urged to get into their county clerks office as soon as possible. The window for marriage equality is probably a short one, seeing that the attorney general plans to appeal the ruling.

Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney General, has filed an emergency appeal.

Judge Friedman also ruled that information from Mark Regnerus’ study about same-sex families is unbelievable and not worthy of consideration. Regnerus claims children raised in a same-sex family are more likely to be unemployed and arrested. However, it was ruled that the study was conducted hastily for a third party donator and is not accurate.

Homophobic candidate wins Illinois primary

Susanne Atanus won the congressional primary last week with an unofficial vote of over 15,000. Her Democratic opponent David Earl William’s vote count almost reached 14,000.  Though Atanus won the primaries, there is said to be a very slim chance of her winning the November general election in the highly democratic area.

Atanus is considered to be very anti-equality and was quoted as blaming tornados and autism in January of this year. She said, “God is angry. We are provoking him with abortions and same-sex marriage and civil-unions.”

Her opponent, however, has his fair share of baggage along for the ride. David Earl William is dragging behind him an order of protection from his ex girlfriend.

Small town happenings

This last week a few small stories made the headlines in the LGBT world. First, a transgender woman in Arkansas claims she was fired from McDonald’s because she used the women’s restroom. McDonald’s argues against the allegations, but the woman is planning on taking further legal action. Arkansas does not have a law against transgender discrimination, but she can sue based on sex discrimination.

A college student in Missouri was accepted by Hannibal-LaGrange University before he came out as gay. After taking a leave of absence, Chase Martinson received a letter from the school claiming that he was no longer eligible to take part in the university. The university handbook describes homosexuality as a “misuse of God’s gifts.”