Political Views: Are you Voting?

Jason Messina, Writer

As we all know, the November elections are coming closer and closer, and soon it will be time to vote for a new President of the United States of America. But this brings up one question: do people care? I took it to the halls of Millikin to find out what people think about the presidential race, and what they plan to do.

I asked a handful of students three questions.

  1. Are you planning on voting in the coming election?
  2. Have you been paying attention to the election and, if so, how?
  3. Is this upcoming presidential election important, especially compared to previous elections?

These are ten of the student’s responses.

Josh Bateman, Freshman, Music Business major.


2.”Umm, sort of, mostly through social media and my parents ”

3.”Man, I can’t even explain it really. It is like a big deal but at the same time the candidates are horrible.”


Kevin Miller, Freshman, Biology major.

1.”Yes, I am.”

2.”For the most part, not daily, but I check the news about every other day.”

3.”It’s important. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that my first election isn’t a very important one. I don’t have a strong opinion on either side, but I do agree that it’s important.”


Brittany Archibald, Freshman, Commercial Music major


2.”Yeah, I just watch all of the debates at home usually with my mom. In class, we read articles. I have a pretty good idea about the election.”

3.”Yes, I definitely think it is because we’re losing Obama, who was kind of a happy medium, and we’re choosing between two candidates who are a little crazy, and we have to pick the one with the best strengths for our country. ”


Alex Johnson, Sophomore, English Education Major.


2.”Not as much as I would like.”

3.”Very. As in how do we want America to burn.”


Bayleigh Williams, Sophomore, Creative Writing major.


2.”I’ve been occasionally looking at CNN when I have the chance and when I’m at home, my family and I watch MSNBC.”

3.”Yes. I think that its monumental. I think that with Trump being runner up he has changed the definition of what a republic means in this damn age.”


Kyle Brown, Junior, Human services major.

1.”Yes, I am.”

2.”Yes, I’ve been paying attention more through conversations with my friends as well as looking at certain articles online and talking to my grandmother a lot.”

3.”Yes I do. Mainly because the two candidates seem similar although they’re pretty different. They can take the country two very different ways.”


Brandon Provost, Junior, Biology and Chemistry double major


2.”Yes, umm I watch Fox and Democracy Now.”



David Braun, Senior, Biology major.


2.”A little bit, I watch the news, which is biased, and read magazine articles, which are also biased. It’s a double-edged sword. You have to kind of find the truth between the two extremes.”

3.”This election is the most important for the direction our country is going to go in. One of the most important elections we have had.”


McKenzie Sauer, Senior, Human service, and Communication major.


2.”Definitely, I like to keep track of what is being said about social justice issues every day through social media.”

3.”Yes. Definitely, this one, in particular, is definitely important.”


Emerick Fulton, Senior, Biology major.

1.”Probably not, no.”

2.”Yeah, mostly TV stuff but I’m not really getting into it.”

3.”Ya it probably is, and I probably should be voting, but I’m not a big fan of politics in general.”

Is there any specific reason you’re not voting besides not liking politics?

4.”It’s not even that I dislike politics, I don’t know I just think that it’s too difficult to vote. They should make the process easier.”