Netflix Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

Netflix Review: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

To make up for the last issue’s particularly disgusting review, here’s a cute one to make everyone forget about decomposing bodies.

Now as a child I remember reading “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi Barret and thinking about how much I wanted a giant piece of bacon to fall from the sky. After watching the first movie, I couldn’t help but to feel a little disappointed. One of my favorite books had been turned into a cheesy, too cute, over-hyped, Hollywood cartoon. They rewrote the plot, created whole new characters and used ice cream as snow instead of mashed potatoes. I wanted to see kids rolling down mountains of mashed potatoes and getting it stuck in their noses and such.

If you hadn’t have grown up reading the book, there was probably nothing wrong with it. The first movie was, I guess, adorable.

“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2” added a lot of extra stuff to not only the original plot of the book, but also the plot of the first movie as well. Flint Lockwood and the rest of the gang start off in their hometown of Swallow Falls. The place is covered in food and there are ratbirds flying everywhere.

Then Flint’s childhood hero, Chester V, volunteers to clean up the island for everyone. Until he’s finished, Chester V relocates the gang to San FranJose and gives Flint a job at his company. Little does Flint know, Chester V has a more sinister plan in mind; he’s after Flint’s food maker. While Chester’s crew is searching the island for Flint’s invention, Flint sets his sights on becoming a “Thinkquanaut,” an orange vest wearing master-inventor on Chester’s top team.

After failing to become a Thinkquanaut, Flint learns that Swallow Falls has been overrun by living food. That’s right, the food maker that they thought they’d destroyed somehow began to make the food come to life. So Chester V enlists Flint’s help to “destroy” the machine.

Once on the island, Flint and his friends come in contact with all types of food animals, from screaming leaks, to sasquashes, and the cutest living strawberry you have ever seen. They run into a little bit of trouble when Berry (the tiny living strawberry) eats the B.S.usb (the thing that is supposed to destroy the machine).

So the gang has to wait for the usb to pass through Berry’s system. While waiting Chester and his trusty side kick, a talking ape, show up on the island to make sure that Flint goes through with Chester’s plan to “destroy” the machine. After getting attacked by multiple food animals, for instance tacodile supreme and some really mean sausage links, Flint discovers Chester’s real plan to steal his invention and make it his own.

After finding this out Chester throws Flint into a pit of doom and takes over the island. While in this pit of doom Flint discovers that the food animals are not all bad and enlists their help to save the island.

I won’t tell you the end; you will just have to watch it yourself. I promise that overall this is a pretty cute movie.

I recommend it to anyone who is able to ignore the fact that it is nothing like the book, and just focus on the cuteness. This movie also has a lot of puns and has a secret sasquash in multiple frames if you look close enough. You can make it a game with your friends to find it.

This movie is fun for all ages and is a great thing to do instead of writing that paper that is due in five hours.