Netflix: Bob’s Burgers

Everyone has had that time where they didn’t even leave their bed or change out of their pajamas because you just HAD to start AND finish your obsession in one day, even if that obsession has 6 seasons. You were determined. Netflix causes grades to drop and stops productivity all together. Since you’ve finished last show though, what’s next?

Recently, I just ran out of episodes of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix; the ultimate problem. Bob’s Burgers is a show by Loren Bouchard, which currently has three seasons on Netflix, but on television is currently in the early episodes of its fifth season on FOX.

Bob’s Burger’s is about Bob Blecher, a simple man with trying to run a burger joint, which is…unique to say the least.

The family could fit into any other cartoon family; think Simpsons, or Family Guy. Linda, Bob’s wife, is the classic embarrassing mom, and is always singing whatever she’s doing since she’s obsessed with musicals. Bob’s only son is Gene (short for Eugene) who loves being obnoxious on his piano, and is basically the ‘lovable idiot’ on the show. Bob’s oldest daughter is Tina, who’s awkward to say the least, and probably the most relatable and quotable. Finally, Bob’s youngest daughter is Louise, who wants to possibly take over the world, and is also constantly changing the burger of the day to something inappropriate.

The show itself has faced criticism as any other show would. Some say it’s just not funny, but in my own personal opinion, the show grows on you.

Really, the show is a “you love it or you hate it” type of deal. I feel it’s a better Family Guy, and they still have that dorky character, but the whole family doesn’t just bully one family member. It shows strong family values that television shows like American Dad and Family Guy do not. It’s one of those shows that suddenly – just as you’ve just spit out whatever you were drinking from laughing – you realize you’ve really bonded with its characters. Before you know it, you can’t stop watching.

I’d recommend this show to anyone who’s just getting tired of Family Guy, and wants something a little different. The show is a solid 4.5 stars out of 5.