Club Spotlight: Blue Harmony


There is a new ensemble on campus and it’s called Blue Harmony. Blue Harmony is a brand new all freshmen women’s a cappella group with seventeen members, comparable to the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect, only with a lot less drama and even less vomit.

When Kendall Kott and Stephanie Yancey, both freshman vocal music education majors, posted about auditions on the Millikin University Class of 2018 Facebook page, Blue Harmony was born. Auditions took place last month in Perkinson Music Center. Kott and Yancey held auditions for their ensemble so they could welcome a variety of voice types and talent.

When asked why the name Blue Harmony was chosen, Kott said, “We are proud of our Big Blue school, and we wanted our name to be musically punny, and representative of Millikin.”

“We started an a cappella group in high school, and we wanted to continue the fun together in college,” Kott said. “Plus, Millikin does not have many options for a cappella singers.”

Kott then went on to say how she and Yancey hope that Blue Harmony sticks around for all four years they are here at Millkin and even beyond that. They also added that they are “fully committed to put everything into this group.”

Kott said, “We are working on getting something ready to audition with for the Homecoming talent show. If that doesn’t work out, we are hoping to have a fall performance, but you might just see us around campus when you least expect it.”

Kott and Yancey hope to see Blue Harmony and its members grow as a group and as individuals. Their potential is limitless and they cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the next four years and beyond.

So, there you have it, Millikin’s newest addition to extracurricular activities, Blue Harmony. They will surely make a big impact here on campus, and delight the ears of Millikin students for years to come.