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2020 So Far…

February 5, 2020

Thanksgiving Then and Now: Should We Celebrate?

Jon Newstifter

December 13, 2019

Thanksgiving, which was only a few short weeks ago now, is a holiday that has a history wrought with bloodshed and, like all good mistakes, was immediately covered up with patriotic propaganda.  The story goes as such: Pilgrims were strugg...

You Are Not Forgotten: Response to Letters to the Editor

Rebekah Icenesse

November 27, 2019

Here at the “Decaturian,” we are dedicated to being a voice for the student body. This includes every student who attends Millikin, whether they are on campus or not. As a student newspaper, it is our job to be the voice o...

Where Do Men Belong in the Abortion Debate?

Mason Hoyt

November 27, 2019

On Nov. 14, House Bill 413 was proposed in the Ohio State Legislature, sponsored by State Representatives Candice Keller and Ron Hood. The bill, which follows two recently passed “abortion reversal” and “born alive” bills, wou...

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