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Save the Avocados!

Caleb Kelch

April 15, 2019

The world has seen plenty of stances on protecting wildlife, foods, people, and so much more. These stances include Save the Bees, Save the Sea Turtles, #MeToo, and those are only a few out of the hundreds to even thousands that...

Has Social Media Doomed our Generation?

Rebekah Icenesse

April 8, 2019

Does anyone talk on the phone anymore? Is that still even a thing? Now that social media has hit an all-time high, the ways of posting and connecting are in and the effort of communication is out. As someone who has grown up wit...

Dentists Are Evil Incarnate

Kathryn Coffey

March 27, 2019

In the world, of necessary evils exist. Now that’s a wormhole in itself. Some may say there’s good in everyone. But at the end of the day, you can’t have good without knowing what’s bad. And unfortunately, one of these...

Hate Your Body Week

Hate Your Body Week

March 27, 2019

Is the Word “Queer” Okay Now?

Sydney Sinks

March 27, 2019

Is the Word “Queer” Okay Now? By Sydney Sinks Views Edited by: Kathryn Coffey “Queer.” For a long time, it was a homophobic slur. Suddenly, it has become both an identity and a way to refer to LGBTQ+ cult...

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