Creative Corner

Kathryn Coffey, Writer

“Something’s Off”

Why won’t my Brain function?

I slept for forever last night.

Sure I had eye fits. Tossed. Turned.

Yet function I cannot.

What is with my dag nab thought herder?

…I need to retire from breathing.

“Lost Cause”

I got him to laugh…twice.

I got him to look at me…once.

He makes me laugh…. all the time.

I look at him…. often.

What is wrong with this picture?

“Award Show Racism?”

Honestly, who cares?

Can one award really change

What time set in stone?

“Love Sucks”

This is all very confusing.

I don’t think anyone could understand.

Angry. Sad. Lonely. Afraid.

Someone, lend a hand?

“Wanted Change”

If I could study anything

I could be an artist.

I’m an amateur, but I think I can do it.

I could be an airborne ranger.

Nothing like a life of danger.

I could be an actor.

But only for an hour.

I could be a marine biologist.

If only I had the intelligence.

But more than anything,

If I could study anything,

I would study camaraderie.

…but that’s not a major


“So Much I Want to Understand”

Keep her innocence?!

She’s the child in our group.

But this is college.


Why is this so hard?

I only want a cuddle.

Yet I cannot ask.

“Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

Bought a smoothie and cookie.

I’m not even hungry.

Yet I buy it anyway.

Why today?

Quietly disposed.

No one opposed.

They don’t even see.

So they can’t ask what’s wrong with me.

And there’s more than my stomach that’s in pain.

Even more than the money dripping down the drain.

“Religion and Politics”

What’s more to say?

“It’s Quiet Hours”

Behold the new Bazinga

A word you can say to add importance

But it doesn’t mean anything

Don’t believe me? Take a chance.

“Hotel Flanders”

“I mean I’d love to live there,

But there is a lot of noise. A lot of chit-chat.

Do you actually practice?”

Yeah, something like that.

What’s it like you may ask?

Better than Hotel California

The lounge is always hopping

With no stopping,

Glory, Hallelujah!

Sure, we get complaints

But there are few and far between

The place is a mess, but

Believe me, this ain’t the worse you seen.