Video Game Review


Jason Messina, Writer

There are few game series that have a story a and plot like that of the bioshock games. Not only is gameplay innovative and fun but the games aren’t just something to do, they’re an experience. The collection of all three games and DLCs was recently released for all of the current gen platforms in glorious 1080p and with a  refresh rate of 60 Hz. These games represent massive ideologies and are some of the finest examples of video games being classified as a higher art form, well except maybe Bioshock Two.

For those of you who haven’t played the games yet, I seriously suggest you do. I will be explaining a brief overview of the story and gameplay for each game without giving away any massive spoilers but if you want a true unaltered experience, stop reading the article and buy the games now because these games are fantastic and nothing is like seeing the worlds for the first time with new eyes.

Now the gameplay for all three games is more or less the same. You play in a first person perspective in a world unlike the one you’re  used to. You fight enemies using traditional weapons such as shotguns, pistols, and machine guns with each game giving its own different weapons. Along with weapons you are given supernatural powers either called plasmids or vigors. They make fighting enemies easier and fun while also allowing you to use your powers on the environment for devastating effects. Example; Lightning plus water equals puddle of death. The game is more or less action adventure and you are given the basic story from playing the game but by finding documents and audio logs you can make the story even more in-depth. The game is very linear so you will always be moving forward.


The game is about you, a man named Jack, surviving a plane crash in the middle of an ocean with the only thing around being a mysterious lighthouse. When you enter the lighthouse, you find a contraption that takes you deep underwater until you are finally looking at the deep underwater city of Rapture. A city created by ideologist, Andrew Ryan. He believes in the idea of a laissez-faire government. In which the government doesn’t interfere at all, and in fact, where no real government exists. Due to America starting to take some socialistic ideas and Russia being communistic, his fear of his intellectual property being taken by parasites that don’t deserve it increases. He’s  also afraid that morals and religion will get in the way of human progress. He creates Rapture to escape all of it while also making it a haven for all other intellectuals like himself. But eventually, like in all games, things go wrong. In Rapture, a genetic material named Adam is created, and people become addicted to it and eventually a civil war gets started.

Now you’re stuck in the middle.

“A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys”

Bioshock Two

Takes place ten years after the events of the first game. You instead play as a Prototype Big Daddy. Big daddies are monstrous creatures created to protect little sisters who are harvesters of the genetic material, Adam. In the first game nothing was more terrifying than running into a big daddy, and now you have that raw power. Your little sister has been stolen and now you have to find and protect her. Good luck because the city has just gotten worse with time.

Bioshock infinite

Before I mention the plot we should bring up the elephant in the room. This game is not just another sequel. It’s unique in that it’s almost the opposite. You are playing as Booker Dewitt, a war veteran has a debt to pay. Luckily you have one mission, “bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.” You go to a lighthouse and get into a contraption but instead of going down it rockets you up into the sky. You start to see a city floating in the sky; this is the city of Columbia. Founded by the Prophet Father Zachary Comstock. The city was created to pursue a place where you could be extremely devoted to God. With a religion that also sees the founding fathers of America as religious figures themselves. Sadly the religion goes to cult-like lengths on a massive scale. Now things haven’t gone wrong yet, but the girl you want to retrieve is more important than you know.

“Isn’t Columbia is Just Another Ark For Another Time”

These games are classics, and no other game can match exhilarating thrill and story. Prepare to see the world in a whole new light.

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