The new Gen or the Old Gen

The new Gen or the Old Gen

Jason Messina, Writer

Next Gen is now the current gen. With the years going by we have reached the point where Xbox 360 games and PS3 games are no longer in development. It is a bittersweet time for games. It pushes companies to increase their reputation and try with the new tech but at the same time, we have little reason to keep the last gen consoles other than to play some of our favorite games.

Recently Bioshock the Collection has been released for Xbox one and PS4, this shows a current trend that has started happening with many classic last gen games. Now lots of games are being remastered; it’s the same concept of a game of the year edition but for current gens. A remastered Game is when a game for a previous gen has gone through a large graphic overhaul usually bringing the graphics to 1080p and a high refresh rate. The Remastered editions will usually include a couple of added touches or even multiple games in one pack.

Bioshock is just one of the many games to go through this process. From the Uncharted series to the Dead Rising series. The one of the most ambitious remasters is The Rare Replay which is 30 old games remastered for The current generation.

Many gamers love that their favorite games are being remastered for their new consoles but at the same time, there is talk about whether the practice is lazy and all about making more cash on old IPs. The same argument has been talked about for the concept of movies as well. Even now classic old movies are being turned into Bluerays for better qualities. The question is, is it ok to do this practice or should the devices be able to use old Discs. The Controversy gets even more heated when the system, Xbox One, allows for people to use their old 360 discs to play old 360 games on the console. But only if the companies and the developers allow it.

This fight has been going on since the beginning of the PS3 Generation. When the first PS3s hit the market, they came with the hardware to play ps2 games and even use old memory cards. But after the first two months, these consoles were no longer sold, and the only version that played ps3 games were being sold. This was the match that lit the fire. Before this playing, old games were no issue. The PS2 could play PS1 games, and the 360 could play original Xbox games.

Should games be remastered for the new consoles? Should the new consoles be able to play the old games? Or should the old games just be set aside and the new consoles focus on the future? There is already talk about the next consoles coming out, Project Scorpio by Microsoft and PlayStation Neo by Sony. When the consoles come out, we will have to deal with either the new times or the old ones. Gaming will continue to progress especially with the new VR systems hitting the mainstream. Are we going to be seeing our favorite old games in VR or would it be better if we didn’t?


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