Creative Corner

Kathryn Coffrey, Writer

“Can’t Believe It’s Been a Month!”

We really know us

Honestly it feels like years

But it’s only weeks

“Love at First Listen”

It all started with a guitar.

Sexy guy with a mustache singing

A new feeling blossomed.

One that I never thought I’d be feeling

The way he looked into my eyes

Though we never really met

It was the most beautiful sight

That I had seen yet

When he smiled,

I saw the sun shining its radiating flare.

Warmth. Happiness. Love.

I couldn’t help but stare.

What did he sing?

It’s a bit of a blurr.

But all I know is that he loves ME.

That’s for sure.

I did find the song he sang.

“For You Blue:” from what I gather,

He called it a typical 12-bar blues number

Typical?! Does that matter?!

I search even further.

And what do I find?

Dead. Buried. Ashes scattered.

And a legacy left behind.

I do not despair.

I’m thankful that he was here.

Though I wish I got to know him,

I somehow still feel that he’s near.

Everyone I’ve ever loved

Had the sun in their smile

They smile. Here comes the sun.

I say it’s alright, and it makes my life worthwhile.

“Critter Nightmare”

Fourteen-hundred bucks?!

It must be a trend setter

For a stupid book

“Modern Phobia Part 2”

There is no fine line

Between the acceptable

And vulgarity.

“Modern Phobia Part 2.5”

What gives you the right?

Everyone is offended.

Do not speak ever.


He sees me. He ignores me. He knows me.

The truth will come. I’m scared.

I don’t want it to come. I’ll lose him.

They see me. They go without me. They know me.

The truth will come. I’m scared.

I don’t want it to come. I’ll lose them.

I have big eyes. I see things differently. They like me for it.

But I waste space.

“Found Myself at Last”

Last night I came clean.

No more fear. No more hiding.

I’m finally free.


The look on his face haunts my nights.

He looked like he was going to kill me.

He said it’s all in my head.

But how could this be?

“We’re Watching the Truman Show

It shouldn’t be hard

Getting away from it all

Can’t take the first step

“Not Good Enough”

He sees her. She’ll be his wife.

He doesn’t see me. Oh, what needless strife.

I thought being an Angelica such-and-such would be fun. But it means I’m not the one.

At least it’s not being a Peggy such-and-such. But that’s not saying much.

Perhaps it’s all in my head. I need to go to bed.

But at least when she’s his wife, I can keep his eyes in my life.


Petty arguments.

Just had one the other day.

Not so hot when things don’t go your way.

Movie nights.

One of life’s bare essentials.

Instead of going to parties, why not try film rentals?

Cruddy roommates.

Not with me, but still commonplace.

It’s never pretty. We all need our space.

Greasy Spoon goodness. Cafeteria food.

I only go there when I’m in the mood.

Homework. Homework. More homework. No time.

My folks are coming this weekend. How sublime.

“The Plague”

Sense of smell is gone.

Nose stuffed. Voice is but shot. Dead.

They say it’s common.

“True Calling”

Nana, did you hear?

He’s off to join the Navy.

Nana, keep him safe.

“They’re Marching as to War”

I see the sun set.

My love leaves for battle.

What do I think of it?

It’s a hassle.

I do not want him hurt.

I hold it in. I try.

But I love him too much.

Please! God, I don’t want him to die.

“Sunsets on Campus”

The day is ending.

The sky has quiet beauty.

Up there, all is well.

“The Wizard”

Then out of nowhere

Materialized right there

He’s a magic man.

“From a Concerned Citizen”

Then out of nowhere

Materialized right there

Someone call the cops!