Let’s Get This Party Started: Party Games To Play With Your Friends

Lets Get This Party Started: Party Games To Play With Your Friends

Jason Messina, Writer

College is back in full swing. For some of us, this means seeing old friends for others it means trying to make new friends. The easiest way to do all of this is to have a party. Now not all of us are the hardcore partying type, so here are a few games that are a great substitution for alcohol.

Jack Box Party Pack

Platforms:(Xbox one, PS4, PS3, PC/Mac, Amazon Fire TV.)

Cost: $24.99 across all platforms.

Jack Box may be one of the most versatile party games I have ever come across. Not only does it give you Five different games but almost all games are up to 8 Players. This game is unique in terms that you don’t play with the controller. Instead, you use your smartphone. Working on the same idea as Kahoot, you connect to a server and get a room code to join then with your phone. It includes the staple trivia game You Don’t Know Jack, the up to 100 player game Lie Swatter, and the crazy Word Spud. Truthfully the real gems are Drawful and Fibbage XL.

In Drawful you are given a prompt to draw on your phone, it may be as simple as a dog, or something as crazy as “Turn Down for What!?” your job is to have people guess what you drew. Now that sounds a lot like the smartphone game “Draw Something” but there are a few catches; first of all, no erasing. Once something is on your phone, there is no getting rid of it. Second, after you draw it, everyone will see the drawing and try to guess what it is by imputing their idea of what the prompt is. Finally, everyone guesses using a multiple choice answering system, selecting one of the several options. They could select the actual answer and the person who chose it along with the one who drew the picture then receives the points. But if you choose a wrong answer which is one of the many other prompts people came up with, then the people who came up with that prompt get the points.

Fibbage XL plays in almost the same way but instead of drawing, everyone answers a weird trivia question with an answer they think will fool everyone else. They then try to guess the real answer. Most cases will have correct answers that are crazier than everyone else’s made up answers. This game is tactical and fun at the same time and nothing is better than deceiving and outsmarting your friends.


Platforms:(Xbox one, PS4, PS3, PC/Mac, Amazon Fire TV.)

Cost: $9.99 across all platforms.

This insane game is for up to eight players. You once again play with your phone but instead of everyone answering the same questions only two people answer the same prompt. You still want people to pick your answer but instead of tricking them you just have to have the best answers or the funniest. This game is as raunchy as you make it, and you will quickly learn a lot about your friends since of humor.

These games are perfect for people just looking to have a good time with friends. You don’t have to worry about things getting too serious. Things will stay silly and funny as long you can keep it up. Ideal for all ages and if you end up loving them, almost all of these games has a sequel.