The Worst Valentine’s Day Experiences


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, it has left many with wonderful memories of romantic dates and candied hearts. Sometime in the next few months I expect to see dozens of videos online of people wearing their giant stuffed teddy bears. (Seriously it is a thing, I promise). Couples fill up places like Olive Garden and Red Lobster with balloons that they could have left in the car and an overwhelming aura of love. Or lust. Companies take advantage of those who wait till the last minute to buy gifts for their loved ones by increasing the prices and forcing them to spend more that they’d like. Valentine’s Day is also a day that is notoriously known for making people who are not in a relationship feel terrible about themselves. When people buy chocolate to eat either alone or with their single friends. They crowd around televisions all around campus watch terrible rom-coms and gouge themselves on popcorn. For all those sad, single people, (and happy single people), and those couples whose Valentine’s Days did not go exactly as planned, here are a few mishaps that your fellow students experienced on their special days.

A guy decided that he and his girlfriend would go out on the town for Valentine’s Day, go clubbing and drink and just have some (illegal) fun. So the young couple told their parents that they were going to an expensive restaurant and they would be home later that evening. Then they make their way downtown. The first sign that their date may not go exactly as planned is the traffic. There seemed to be some short of game or concert right across from where they were going. The couple started to panic, the girlfriend did not like driving in a lot of traffic. So they tried to find a place to park that was in the general area of their desired location. They quickly realized that they did not have a lot of options. The girlfriend was driving and did not know how to parallel park. She didn’t want to park in the street due to the traffic. So after they searched for a few minutes they found a place to park. It was in one of those parking lots where you have to pay. The girlfriend, who was beginning to grow a little bit irritated, said, “of course, it’s astronomically expensive.” But they didn’t have any other options. So the boyfriend offered to pay for it. They paid and they parked in the, admittedly slightly shady, parking lot. At this point the boyfriend had spent around 55 dollars so far. They finally got to the club, paid to get in, and found the place completely empty. No party-goers, no performers, nothing. So they left. In order to make up for the botched night, they stopped by the store and grabbed food to make a late dinner. In the end, the boyfriend spent a little over 100 dollars. Most which was wasted.

Next we have a girl who honestly, kind of brought her troubles on herself. Her and her boyfriend decided that they would go to a movie for Valentine’s Day. He bought their tickets and they were standing in line waiting to get popcorn. Suddenly, she decided that she didn’t want to see the movie that he had bought tickets for.

“I want to see a chick flick,” she said.

“I already bought the tickets babe.” He told her, but she pushed on. So he pulled her out of the line and towards the exit. Confused, she followed willingly. It wasn’t until they finally got to her house that she asked what he was doing. “We’re done,” he told her, and left.

Hope you guys enjoyed those two short mishaps, and let there be a lesson learned in both. One: make sure your plans are solid. Two: do not argue with your significant other over what movie you guys should watch after they already bought the tickets.