Leonardo DiCaprio: Is it finally his time to shine?

Caitlin Husted

Everyone has seen the memes poking fun that someday a movie will be made about Leonardo DiCaprio’s life and the actor who played DiCaprio will receive an Oscar when he was never able to win one himself. It’s fun to laugh at, but hopefully, it won’t come true after DiCaprio’s most recent movie.

Even before the release of the movie “The Revenant,” people were already talking about DiCaprio’s performance and how it may finally be his time for an Oscar. Being mauled by a bear and sleeping in a dead horse for warmth seems like pretty good grounds to give this man an Oscar.

However, this isn’t DiCaprio’s first noteworthy performance. There have been many spectacular performances tucked into DiCaprio’s belt, including four Oscar nominations in his career thus far.

His first nomination for an Oscar came in 1993 for Best Supporting Actor in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” DiCaprio played Arnie, Johnny Depp’s character’s developmentally disabled brother. While he played the role wonderfully and wowed many audience members, it wasn’t enough to win him an Oscar. Instead, Marisa Tomei stole the show with her role in “My Cousin Vinny.”

His next nomination, this time for Best Actor, came in 2005 for his part in “The Aviator.” DiCaprio played Howard Hughes, a billionaire, aviation tycoon who takes the world by storm with directing big-budget Hollywood films and helps build TWA into a major airline. True to his typical fashion, DiCaprio nailed the character who goes from having it all to losing their grip, as Hughes does in this movie. However, he was beaten out by Jamie Foxx for his role in “Ray.”

The next year, DiCaprio was back again for Best Actor in “Blood Diamond.” The American-German political war thriller film impressed audiences as DiCaprio portrayed a white Rhodesian gunrunner who is jailed while trying to smuggle diamonds into Liberia. Sadly enough, his performance didn’t earn him the Oscar and instead went to Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Capote.”

DiCaprio’s last nomination was for “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2013. His believable performance as a Wall Street stockbroker for L.F. Rothschild wasn’t enough for him to take home his little golden man; it instead went to Daniel Day-Lewis for his role in “Lincoln.”

While his nominations for an Oscar haven’t amounted to a win, he has procured three Golden Globe Awards for his roles in “The Aviator,” “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Revenant,” one Screen Actors Guild Award for “The Revenant,” two Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for “Wolf of Wall Street” and “The Revenant” and plenty more.

Not only that, but who can forget his classics such as “Titanic,” “Catch Me if You Can,” “The Departed,” “Revolutionary Road,” “Shutter Island,” “Inception,” “Django Unchained” and “The Great Gatsby?” The list could go one for pages. DiCaprio has shown his talent in various roles, but just hasn’t been able to snag the award. There always seems to be another movie that outshines him ever so slightly.

To show his dedication, let’s just look at some facts from “The Revenant.” For one, DiCaprio munched on real bison liver for a scene. In addition, he spent nine months freezing on set in order to make this movie happen. As an actor who has given his life and career to entertaining viewers from around the world, it only seems time that his talent and dedication are recognized.

Many believe that this is DiCaprio’s year to take home an Oscar, and plenty of people will be rooting for him come Sunday, Feb. 28.