Book Review: Snow Like Ashes


In a world that’s divided into kingdoms whose monarchs each hold a different object of power, there are those who seek to control them all. Years ago, the Kingdom of Winter was destroyed and its people were taken as prisoners by their conquerors, namely the King of Spring. Now Winter is without magic and without a monarch. Their only hope lies with eight survivors who are determined to find the broken pieces of their magic, pieces of a locket that have been spread across the kingdoms.

One of these survivors is young Meira, orphaned as a baby during her kingdom’s defeat and raised by the Winterians’ general. Meira and her best friend, the future king and the object of her affection, are tasked to find the last piece of the locket when old enough. Through extreme luck and strength, Meira manages to find the missing piece and barely escape the grasp of Spring’s best warrior with only minor injuries.

Meira returns to camp triumphant, for not only did she get the last piece, but she also proved to the General that she is strong and smart enough to help Winter rise up from its ashes. Of course, things don’t go exactly as planned. Suddenly, the survivors of Winter find themselves forced into a dangerous alliance with a dirty King and Meira is a bargaining chip. She finds herself pushed into a world of magic and lies, with secrets at every turn and villains in disguise around every corner. She must depend on herself and her abilities to find the truth.

The summary is not able to continue without giving key points of the story away, but there is much promise that this book is something to take a peek at. Meira will become a favorite heroine and her small group of survivors will find a place in hearts everywhere.

With action and love, deceit and secrets, Snow Like Ashes is definitely worth the read. Meira’s story will leave readers bewildered and wanting more. Sara Raasch does a great job with creating an entirely new world, controlled by darkness and magic. She creates new races of humans, as well as new types of villains. Meira is a relatable character, a young woman trying to prove herself to the people she loves and show that she doesn’t need protecting. She can protect not only herself, but hundreds of others as well. How? Read the book and you’ll find out. Raasch’s characters are diverse and likeable, as well as unique and complicated. Everyone has an interesting backstory, many of them surprising and unexpected.

So, if you’re looking for a new series to become obsessed with then look no further. I have found the perfect book for you to throw yourself at. Snow Like Ashes is sure to become a big hit, with a sequel already created and another in the works. Snow Like Ashes can be found at your local bookstore or online on numerous websites.