Playing with Power: A Preview of Venus in Fur

What do you get when you combine mythology with sadomasochism and add a few dashes of feminism? Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre has the answer you’re looking for.

Although the next show brought to you by Millikin’s student run theatre company only features two actors, it explores a variety of complex and relevant themes including power, desire, gender roles, and dominance.

The plot follows aspiring director Thomas Novacheck as he searches for the perfect female to cast in his new production, but it is full of twists and turns that surpass expectations.

Theatre major Alisa Goldberg (Vanda) said, “I guess in the simplest of terms I could say it’s a power struggle between a man who thinks he’s got control over women and a woman who is about to show him otherwise. That’s probably the shortest way I can say it without giving away all of the fun stuff.”

While the play employs direct references to mythology, continental influences, German culture, and a few other unfamiliar subjects, Goldberg assures audiences that the play is a very modern twist on these subjects that is both thought provoking and significant.

“It’s important because it’s not just about the sex appeal, which is what most people will probably think it’s about” Goldberg said. “I think it’s important to come see the power play—what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, and all of the feminist undertones that happen throughout.”

However, while the central message of the play goes far deeper than sex and an engaging plot Goldberg also confirms that the audience can “definitely expect strong language and some violence which will be very hot.” Additionally, she said that this violence and intimacy has challenged the way she relates herself to her partner (senior acting major Michael Keim) and to the audience.

“Creating that relationship and figuring out when to touch each other and how much to touch each other to titillate the audience and trying to figure out how to play with that S & M part of this play without ever experiencing sadomasochism…That’s been a challenge,” Goldberg said.

Venus In Fur will open to challenge both actors and audiences on April 10 and will continue to run through Apr. 12 and on Apr. 17 and 18. Tickets can be purchased at the KFAC box office or online at